Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ask your heart who and what you serve?

No one who is truly awake and aware or enlightened spends time tracking down the negative trails of already well known dark cabal or religious cult organizations. All you mentioned, plus many others--at the modern day core level-- are infiltrated and fully controlled by "The Beast" (or in more modern jargon, controlled and used as vehicles of mass world citizen control by the dark why re-confirm...again and again, what I have known--and what you possibly have known, so well, for decades already?

Individuals, are of course differ greatly. In one moment a former dark soul can choose to turn about and become a powerful contender for the Light-and the track records for most individuals are obvious and easily available.

I assure you neither our Galactic Neighbors, or our own Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, including St. Germain, Kuthumi, Morya and the host of our Ascended loving, guiding Earth Guardians--who are fully aware of all things--and the true hearts and minds of all individuals---know exactly who and what each and all of us individuals presently incarnate on Earth are and do.

Be assured, there are humanly embodied individuals in all major religions, as well as in all organizations, even the Law firms, Political Organizations, the Jesuit Order, the Knights of Columbus, of the Mason, or many others you mention--or do not mention--who are members of these organizations, who are of good heart and mind--who serve our Creator God Source and the now un-stop-able Ascension of our Mother Earth, as well as the now immanent Ascension of a huge mass of humanity, in this End Times.

So who are we, you or I to judge anyone, except by what The White Brotherhood knows and all enlightened souls know, has been a true guideline for eons, "by their fruits...they are known!"

If you are working against aiding those, staunch, forthright, quite transparent individuals like a Ron Paul, a Dennis Kukinich, a Lee Wanta, a Russell Cottrell, a Christopher Story, etc., etc.--who are definitely VERY OUT FRONT, visibly seen and known "by their fruits"--then IF you yourself do indeed serve Creator God Source, I suggest it is "high noon"--very definitely time for you to examine and discard any false beliefs you carry or hold. "The record" for all of the above mentioned, dedicated, bold, now humanly embodied souls on our blessed Earth is more impeccable--than perhaps even YOURS and MINE.

Who are you or I, to judge another, except in the crystal clear light of "by their fruits" they are known.

All of the above dear mentioned human souls, including myself--and hopefully yourself, are now visibly awakened, enlightened souls--who are serving within--or out of--any organizations or groups that each and all they find of value to further the Plan of Creator God Source on Earth. The underground dark illuminati cabal uses "moles" to infiltrate all of the above mentioned organizations. The secret Great White Brotherhood uses Beacons of Light, like a Ron Paul, or a Dennis Kucinich to pentrate the now DARK HALLS of the U.S.A. Senate and of the U.S. A. Congress...(or a Christopher Story--in the dark halls of Federal Reserve and worldwide banking--and dark lies, dis-information, and terror mis-information now spread daily via darkened mass public media channels, except for our blessed Internet, where free-will public _expressions LIKE THIS one between us is still possible...(get the picture?)

Pause and ask yourself? When you "throw stones" at--or attempt to judge a genuine child of God--who is living and serving God--in their own good, unique, free human will choice way--are you serving Mother Earth and Earth Humanity and God Creator Source, or are you being an innocent, or a conscious or an unconscious dupe--and thus a naive ploy of the heartless dark cabal "illuminati?"

What we give our attention to is what we serve! Are we serving the dark or the light?

We can only serve one Master?

Only you--and our Creator God Source--knows the clear answer to whom you serve?

For the record: more can be read in my "Autobiography of an IMMORTAL, I am consciously aware of several of my past lifetimes, and a timely one specifically, where I was a dedicated Mason, and yes, indeed, I personally then played a very strong hand in our American Revolution, when several of my dear brothers, John Hancock, the host of well-known historical others, including Thomas Jefferson (now also re-embodied, who I have happily engaged and interacted with several times again--in this lifetime--since we are both now in our newly reimbodied human forms. Today Thomas Jefferson (who was also Alexander The Great) wear suits and more modern 22nd Century attire, instead of the roughshod dress of the day during the days of our great American Revolution.

Then too, those early, hard times, founding country days and events were closely watched over, guarded and divinely guided by our Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, then already headed on Earth by dear St. Germain.

"We the people" were all gifted with a divine U.S. Constitution to guide, aid and to equally serve each and all of the free citizens of our great Land of America to hold and to preserve our natural human rights and sacred freedoms.

Look beyond appearances.

Be assured. All is well on Earth. You are much valued and appreciated as a sacred expansion and extended co-creator--of God Creator Source--on Earth with a divine mission held in your soul. Ask your heart who and what you serve?

You have asked (and I may have said this to you before in old Ancient Egypt--more than 4000 years ago) I have spoken. The Light of God never fails!

Bless us all. In loving brotherhood, I am, Russ Michael