Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daily personal NOTE from Michael

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008--is a good day to remind myself that I no longer rely on major media news to determine the welfare and good state of my own daily human and spiritual affairs on Earth. Instead, I join with many other dearly awakened sisters and brothers to fill this day with a deep inner resolve to see and to create my own unique and many beautiful, exciting and thrilling personally manifest miracles!

CHOCOLATE is here!

Yes! I have completed the latest edition for my Blockbuster eBooks web site! It is called CHOCOLATE FOR HEALTH and it is dedicated with love and gratitude to each and every one of my companion ardent chocolate lovers.

Tell me now, who does not like chocolate? Since somewhere between six and seven billion people alive on Earth today, it is probably no exaggeration to say that there are a billion of us lucky enough to live the good life and who really and passionately love chocolate.

Note: To LOVE chocolate is a quantum leap greater than to merely like chocoloate. People who merely like chocolate perhaps account for yet another billion or more chocolate buyers, nibblers and munchers on our Earth.

Some folks have gone past the stage of liking or loving chocolate. Many have been fun-heartedly identified by family, friends, work associates and everyone else close enough to know them as genuine chocolate Queens or Kings, or even as chocoholics.

Yes. I too confess - I am one!

Are you one? If so - don't be shy, confess it, admit it.

Be proud to be what you are! My new eBook will give you the information you need to help others become Queens and Kings. It is packed with nutritional facts that speak for themselves. Chocolate is good for the body, heart, mind and soul!