Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Have So Much To Be Thankful For

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Today--Thursday, June 12, 2008--"Golden Summer Day"

Here in lovely green rolling hills Austria, where I currently reside, every day on Earth--sunshine or rain--appears before me like the breath-taking paradise the gorgeous, majestic countrysides of Austria have become over the ages.

However, whether we live out in the countrysides or in the heart of a big city, each day is what we allow our minds and hearts to perceive it to be-in each of our individual and collective worlds. If you pause to think about it we each and all have so much to be thankful about, day in and day out.

Gratitude felt and expressed, by Law, adds to the bounties of life we can perceive and be deeply thankful for. So let us give thanks for this magical new day of life on Earth as END TIMES and the final Golden Age manifests before and around us.

Bless us all.! ALL IS WELL ON EARTH. We are One.

I am, in loving brotherhood, Russ Michael
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