Saturday, April 26, 2008

Team Of Lightworkers Play Different Roles

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Today--'I am Grateful Day' - Saturday, April 26, 2008--


Russ Michael..... I am sending you this email in the hope that you may assist this effort to bring justice to this situation faster.... you may edit it any way you see fit... but please if you feel it would help the situation in any way in Texas...send this to your mailing they may at least feel they can take some type of positive physical action to assist the situation. You may want to post a small update on the story if you feel it is a good idea...try the salt lake times , since they have followed a reported this story fairly closely. or just go to this website which has the most accurate facts and (actual pictures of the case )


My reply....


Thanks - however except for prompted unusual circumstances I use space in my daily Michael Worldwide Newsletter--or in my occasional Message from Michael letter--to report uplifting and enlightening news. Though at heart, I am very much a social and political activist, my chosen and designated role in this lifetime 'to awaken, inspire and uplift' holds my steadfast and unbroken daily focus.

There are thousands of individuals like yourself who are also part of the WHOLE light grid ON OUR BLESSED EARTH and you--with them--must tend to the alerting of USA and world citizens to how and where they can support these much needed political and social changes....We are a powerful and effective team. All is well. We are One. SO KEEP ON KEEPING ON...

Bless us all. I am, Michael
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