Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Soulmate Books - Chocolate For Health - for Valentine Day

Greetings! From Russ Michael on Feb. 5, 2008

Valentine Day--Feb. 14th--is coming up fast....!!

Valentine Day reminds us--each and all--of the divinely felt gift and expression of love...of love expressed--from you to another--from your "I am" soul identiy self, to your divine humanly embodied self--and from others to you.

As most of my book readers or my daily email Worldwide Michael Newsletter subscribers know--to give, is better--than to receive!

The Law never fails! What you give--you gain! What you hold, you lose.

One of the greatest gifts we can give--one to another--is a revelation that places the receiver of our revelation in a fuller,more complete level of possible free-will choices, so he or she has a more informed choice!

Here is some ideas of Valentine day gifts that you might give to loved ones or to especially dear friends this year!

First, we all know and have friends that LOVE chocolate! So my sugestion for your first--totally cost-FREE gift--is to be the bearer of the so very true Happy Valentine Day News... Chocolate is good for health!

Second, your loved ones and dear friends will be pleased--to not only know there is a new Russ Michael eBook publication titled, "Chocolate For Health"--but he or she will be elated if you will purchase and download a FREE gift copy--from you to him or her--at www.russmichaelebooks.com website-- where all of my available eBooks are posted, and where my latest BLOCKBUSTER new book--Chocolate For Health--is offered--at a very special low Valentine Day discount price to all Russ Michael Newsletter subscribers or to my Russ Michael Blog readers, for the low cost of $9.95.

Third, who does not have loved ones or friends who are looking eagerly for their soulmate, Twin Ray, Mr. RIGHT, or MRS RIGHT, or a "Special Someone?" SO what better romantic Valentine Day gift than one of Russ Michael's BLOCKBUSTER long-time best seller books, this one selling today in 12 languages, (1) "Finding Your Soulmate", or, the sequel to it, (2) "Your Soulmate is Calling, selling in 13 languages, or (3) "Soulmate, Twin Rays and Special Lovers" or (4) "Finding MR RIGHT or MRS RIGHT" or (5) "The Secret of SEX and Sexual Attraction?" and (6) Chocolate for Health....

Any one--or a set of these books--authored by Russ Michael, a best-seller author--would make a heart-warming Valentine Day gift--to your own very "special someone" or to a dear friend this Feb. 14, Valentine Day 2008....

All is well. Be happy and a blessing to yourself and others every day.

Bless us all.

I am, Russ Michael