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A Miracle in Church

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Today--Saturday, June 7, 2008--"Bless All Creation Day"

I am posting a heart-moving chapter concerning J.Z. Knight herself -from one of my Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER eBooks..."Ramtha:One Hundred True Stories."

Chapter 62


A miracle is always a miracle,unique--in its own happening--yet of all the miracles told by JZ in her book...the one that moved me most was when JZ was instantly healed from a fatal illness. She had terminal cancer and the doctors said they could do no more for her at the hospital so she was sent home. Though she was always in great pain, JZ prayed daily to be healed.

A few days after she arrived home from the hospital--Frank a former employee--came to see her. Frank planned to marry Joan, a woman who was a fervent member of a local born again religious group. There was to be a revival that afternoon, and Frank begged JZ to come with them.

JZ had no love for ministers that preached the devil, hell and damnation and at first she declined vehemently. Yet this revival was to heal the sick, and when she saw how much it meant to Frank, she agreed to go.

It was held in a huge outdoor tent. When JZ, Frank and Joan arrived the minister was already calling the sick to come before him. Several hundred people were there. Most were caught up in religious ecstasy...singing and swaying back and forth. Frank helped JZ walk down the aisle to stand in front f the minister. He had his hands on the head of a woman while he pleaded that she be saved from Satan and the wrath of God. The woman closed her eyes, sobbed, swayed and touched her head while the minister directed her to renounce Satan while he asked the whole crowd to pray for this lost soul.

JZ was sick already and the sight and sound of the bleating minister pleading with the old woman to denounce Satan was almost enough to make her retch. When he finished with the old woman he beckoned to JZ to come close.

She stepped up before him with a defiant look. Looking straight into his eyes she told him that she loved God more that he did, that Satan did not exist...and when people truly understood God they did not believe in sin or evil. She said she was dying...and if he laid his hands on her he had better pray for her as someone that loved God and not to dare mention Satan.

In stunned disbelief the minister stared at her. Unable to hide his fear he slowly placed his hands on her head as JZ bowed it. However before he could say a word she looked up again and reminded him one more time NOT to mention anyone but God in his healing prayer.

The trembling pastor was now thoroughly intimidated. He raised his eyes and called out in a loud shaky voice, “God, our Father, look on this child. Lift up her life so that she may be healed.

God, Oh, God!” At that exact moment a flash of blue light streaked down from the top of the huge tent like a lightening bolt. The electricity and blue light went straight down through JZ’s body.

The power was so intense it knocked the preacher and the woman next to him flat off their feet and to the ground. The whole congregation witnessed the extraordinary healing miracle and gasped. A hush of silence followed. JZ did not fall. She stood there thankfully knowing God had heard her prayer to be healed.

Slowly the congregation began to murmur. The (was tThe) sound grew into screams and moans. Shakily, the preacher got to his feet and peered at JZ. “Who are you?” he asked.

“One of God’s own” was her calm reply.

Frank appeared at her side and grabbed her hand to usher her away. She smiled up at him, “I feel different, Frank. The pain is gone!”

“We’ve got to get out of here before we’re mobbed,” said Frank as both he and Joan pulled at her. As they walked hurriedly back to the car Frank told her they had seen the streak of light from where they sat. He asked her if she had felt anything.

In a mellow voice JZ told him that it had felt like an electrical surge of energy pouring through her. Amazed...Frank said it looked just like a powerful bolt of lightening had hit her. When they reached the car it was already dark. JZ looked up and said the stars never looked so bright before. They were like crystals close enough to reach up and touch.

Joan cried over and over whining that Jesus had saved her. JZ looked her straight in the eye and told her, “No, Joan. Jesus didn’t save me,” and with a great smile said she had saved herself through her own trust in God.

Early the next day, JZ returned to the hospital and asked the doctor who had attended her to have her blood analyzed as quickly as possible. She would wait for the results. When the report came back the doctor could not believe it. He told her there was absolutely no trace of pathology. JZ was totally cured!

(end of chapter)

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