Thursday, May 29, 2008

What We Focus Upon Creates Our Reality

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Today--Thursday, May 28, 2008--"Unlimited Prosperity Day."? I REPEAT and remind you that every new day is a unique priceless gift from Creator God Source. By giving each day whatever name that feels right to you, it empahsizes the fact that your new day is precious beyond words. This is then a stage or platform that sets the tone for all that you think, feel, say and act upon....

It is ever true. What we focus upon creates our reality! What we give our attention to invites the Law of Attraction to extend or expand that person, place, thing, or event into our personal 3-D physical world. Thus, being mindful of where we are putting our focused attention helps make us more adept co-creators of this infinite collective world we share. Being conscious of what we "favor" is a wise moment-to-moment posture.

Being aware of our awareness takes us beyond intellect of the mind and opens us to the pure intelligence found within our hearts and souls.

Have a joysome, love-filled, and an unlimited prosperous day1

We are all One!

All is well. I am Michael
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