Thursday, May 1, 2008

This is We Are One Day

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Today--Thursday, May 1, 2008--What name are you giving this new day? Every new day is a unique priceless gift from Creator God Source.

By giving each day whatever name that feels right to you, it empahsized the fact that your new day is precious beyond words.

I called today, "We Are One Day."

Today--like every new day--is a day to realize the Oneness of all Creation.. I celebrate the Oneness of Mind, the Oneness of our humanly embodied 3-D illusion we now know as the One Time (The Eternal Now), the One Space (all 7 directions of I Am Self), the One Motion (Life, the 'moving experience' All That Is has gifted to each and every vibrant divine fragment of the WHOLE Creator God Source.) We are One.

You and I are One. All of life, perceived and unperceived is One. Creation is a loving, light-filled reality that We Are All One!

All is well.
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