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(1) Finding Your Soulmate -Author Description

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- Author Description:

Finding Your Soulmate, by Russ Michael

This Book is Russ Michael's best-selling classic. Published in 1971, when Russ Michael brought the concept of the "Soulmate" into mass consciousness on Earth and coined the word that is now a common phrase to the daily growing masses worldwide who have read this amazing text.

While most books are out-of-print in a few years, this book is still a top-selling item, over 37 years later and read in 12 languages worldwide.

The author not only explains the clear mundane difference between a normal marriage--or love relationship--compared to the exquisite, heart-pounting and ecstatic feelings found in a gvenuine soulmate relationship.

Both the author and his soulmate lived more than a 1000 miles apart when they first both began having vividly lucid dreams of loving trysts with each other, to find after their physical 3-D meeting, they had dreamed and experienced the exact, same thrilling, passionately embracing dreams together.

This book will intrigue your mind and move your heart and soul....It is a genuine true love story of how the Law of Attraction brought the author's soulmate and himself together in a most astounding way. The magical sequence of romantic events that unfold to draw these two soulmates together will keep you riveted and wanting to read this book straight through, from beginning to end--non-stop--as a host of countless readers have reported they have done.

Russ Michael, having been 'hands on" trained in the "MYSTERIES"--by Ascended Master, D.K.--reveals in this book how he succeeded in drawing his beloved soulmate to him from a far distance and into his arms.He also discloses, in simple step-by-stgep detail how you, the reader, can do as well. This book explains the "how to" technique that he personally used to draw his beloved soulmate to him--which you the reader can use to DO THE SAME.

If you are looking for your soulmate, learn the secrets that this book holds, with time proven techniques in an easy-to-use 'how to' format...order now to receive a special discount offer on more book--from the Soulmate Series--including, Twin Rays and Special Lovers, Finding Mr. or Mrs.Right, Your Soulmate is Calling, and updated sequels..

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