Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Soulmate Valentine Day

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2008--whether you are with your "special someone" or soulmate--or not--today is your own special Happy Valentine Day to bless all on Earth.

Love is in the air. Fill your heart, your body, your mind and soul with precious, everlasting love and spend it freely.

If you have read any of my Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER eBooks at or all my more than 20 böoks listed at will know there is nothing you cannot BE, DO or HAVE!

So make this a Happy Valentine Day for yourself as well. What do you really want to BE this day? What do your really want to DO today? What do you really what to HAVE this day? BE it, DO it, HAVE it....Bless your heart. God bless us all. I am Michael.