Thursday, May 22, 2008

Note About Insightful Matthew's - May 2008 Message

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Today--Thursday, May 22, 2008, "Let Go Day..."

IF you are fortunate to have read any of the MATTHEW BOOKS, or receive his occasional Newsletter from his dear mother, Suzanne Ward--you will appreciate my 'frontpiece' to MATTHEW'S message, posted today in my MAY 22, 2008, Michael Worldwide Newsletter...

Note from Michael: As always, read every message from any source with INNER SOUL discernment. I really love this message, but It puzzles me that beloved Matthew does not speak out about the huge, growing underground very SILENT REVOLUTION and truly massive, well-organized public support for Ron Paul, and Ron Paul's huge part in this coming Election process, or why--if Obama is indeed a high source spiritual being--why then, he allowed himself to write and propose a Congressional bill that would support and allow the U.N. to disarm U.S. citizens, when our CONSTITUTION FOREFATHERS were wise enough to grant us U.S.A.citizens the sacred Right to bear Arms, knowing this safe-guard right helps to provide protection to it's citizens, as thus protected by Contitutional Law...?

Of course, once spiritual leaders are heading all nations, and our Golden Age arrives, small arms for protections, like guns, knives, clubs, stones, etc. will NOT be needed for self protection from deadly, cruel merciless tyrant rulers. Howwever until that time comes, these small arms are the only known physical protection to family and self, that are known. And Our beloved Forefathers of this now RE-AWAKENING America Nation knew this!

ALSO, perhaps the Ron Paul movement is INTENTIONALLY quitely swelling and growing, behind the scenes, to gather to a "critical mass' POINT, where the dark cabal cannot stop it!! ...? Bless us all. We are One. I am, Michael

All is well.
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