Saturday, January 26, 2008

Earth's Soon Coming ET ANNOUNCEMENT

INDEED, we now can expect THIS KIND of a sudden ET ANNOUNCEMENT at any moment, hour, or day now! When it then is is what I personally think will be announced--the various key points covered, or made--especially to citizens of the USA, which will quickly be broadcas to every other nation on Earth.... Please feel FREE to modify--or to use it AS IS--for your own powerful 68 second FOCUS--to help SPEED up this dramatic--suddenly earth-changing--Star Nation's ANNOUNCEMENT.

You and I are here now on Earth to help "focus in" this magnificent--mind and soul-SHATTERING event!! I know of at least 12 others on Earth who are doing this 68 second ET ANNOUNCEMENT focus with me daily, and you are invited to join in. In addition, SEE, envision what part YOU will soon be playing on Earth--AFTER--this hallowed ANNOUNCEMENT is made? See it, feel it. Taste the sublime JOY of it. Love what you do and do what you love! SURELY the word-for-word, actual ET ANNOUNCEMENT will be uniquely stated by an appropriate Ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Light...however,the following message is pretty much--of what will cover the major points--of what you can expect to hear!! Bless us all. NOW is where the power exists! START THE JUBILEE AND CELEBRATION IN YOUR BODY; MIND AND SOUL, RIGHT NOW... Bless all of us on Earth. We are One.

THE ET ANNOUNCEMENT An ET Ambassador Speaks Beloved people of Earth, do not be startled or fearful, for this seeming much long overdue announcement will bring celebration and a sense of great joy--not only in the hearts and souls of the citizens of the great nation of the United States of America--but to all citizens--of all nations--upon your so very blessed and truly so beautiful home planet of Earth.... This voice you hear is from an Ambassador of the Galactic Federation of Light. We are a representative group of a huge intergalactic Federation of Star Nations, gathered together to spread the light, love and divinely decreed protection by Creator GOD--to all awakening or fully awakened human and other sentient advanced life form civilizations--who like us, have reached a point of intelligence and cooperation which enables us our ability to travel freely throughout what you here on Earth term--or know--as intergalactic outer space--measured by your scientists in terms of light year distances apart from each other!

We come and go from one Universe or star system almost at will, with an almost complete collapse of what you know as SPACE and TIME, via thought--when we wish! There is nothing to fear from our presence here today--rather rejoice--for we have oft been visitors-who have often made contact with your Earth ancestors--for countless millennium. Now today--in what you deem as modern industrial times--a huge percentage of you have seen our spacecraft overhead--and a rare few, in addition to the major governments of your Earth--have had actual face-to-face contact with us for the past 5 decades....So we are NOT as unknown to you as your mass media--so totally manipulated and tightly controlled by almost inhuman dark forces--worldwide--has led you to believe. We are here today under the decree and auspices of the Christ--and other Great Universal Angelic Beings of Light.

We have protected your planet Earth from both natural and humanly contrived complete destruction, time and again over the eons. From the start, our purposes for being on Earth has always been--and will forever be--loving, caring and benevolent. Had we not recently now appeared here in mass formation, the heartless dark forces--your black-hearted, behind the scenes--dark shadow government rulers--who preside over all major political, religious, scientific and financial affairs on Earth--would have several times already have completely destroyed all life on Earth, through their heartless greed.mass poisoning of land, skies and water--with a determination to depopulate, kill off, most of the billions of your current Human Family on Earth--and to enslave the relatively millions of few survivors as bonded, even chained slaves--to heartless, gross, humanly debased Elite edicts, where all your innate and Constitutional sacred God-given human free will rights and freedoms would be abolished forever.... However, Creator God Source had and has a different plan...and we are here to help you rejuvenate and restore your gorgeous Earth planet back to it's original Garden of Eden pristine purity of land, seas and skies.

The major important announcement we make today is that your criminal United States of America government regime--who have initiated horrendous "crimes against humanity"--destroying whole nations, through war and occupation, and responsible for the loss of lives and property of untold millions of your dear young and old human brothers and sisters on Earth--have TODAY been LEGALLY and officially removed from office! All these now well-known criminals in high places are being held in custody--by your appropriate national officials--and will be held accountable for their crimes in due process by their peers on Earth.

This mass regime removal has included, not only your illegal USA President and Vice President, but also includes most of the major supportive criminal minions under that dark-hearted regime, including many Congressmen and Senators, banking heads, and high post officials--on various human or national fronts--that have committed treason against the nation, who have criminally violated oaths of office or their sworn duties to the public or the institutions to which they headed. A temporary President and Vice-President--of the USA--along with temporary replaced Congressmen, Senators, heads of banking and Public Media institutions, have been selectively appointed until new legal, true ballot counting elections can be held--which will take place within a few short months from now. Ron Paul, whom a great many of the masses on Earth now know--and appreciate --as being a deeply spiritual being, who will uncompromisingly uphold the divinely created U.S. Constitution, has been appointed temporary President of the United States of America.

Dennis Kucinich, who most grass roots American have also gotten to know as a man of the highest principles, has been appointed temporary Vice President of the United States of America...and NOW hod office as such! The appointment and names of all others--holding temporary government or other institutional posts--until the USA citizens set up and hold a true national vote--or corporate stock holders can express their legally voted head of office, will also soon be disclosed through soon--other easily available--normal media channels... IF this news is shocking to you--there are now individuals in your community, even perhaps within your own family structure--who already know a great amount of information about why we are here--and what you can personally do to help bring your human civilization and your dear Mother Earth back to an original pristine purity.

Be assured. Soon no man, woman or child on Earth will be without food, shelter and the human comforts and fruits of nature or excesses of civilization--that naturally belong to each and all of you on this beloved planet. Know now in your hearts and souls that peace--will from this day--reign on Earth. Your innocent troops, forcibly drafted and led to slaughter, will come home home ready for big HUGS and SMILES, within days, not months or years--as had been contrived by your illegal national regimes worldwide. You will have access to our immensely advanced computer technology and non-surgery medical expertise and our sound and color healing equipment--to FREE ENERGY devices--and to communication and travel systems that will soon transform your Earth into the promised final last "End Times" Golden Age that your Creator God Source has decreed.

We plan to land en masse and mingle and interact lovingly, harmoniously and joyously with each and all of you--in the near future--when duly arranged by your new national government officials and when appropriate. We will be back--with other uplifting announcements and planetary updates--as you can be assured, a regime change had to first take place in the United States of America, but others will rapidly occur planet-wide--in each and very nation-- wherever a corrupt government regime is currently holding the citizens of its nation subservient to their now visible dark purposes. Rejoice, dear people of Earth. A God of Light, Love and Power presides over all of Creation! True human 'spirituality 'has arrived now on your so beloved Mother Earth! The "end times"--long prophesied for Millennium, has come--not in the utterly so misconceived, sad, vicious unholy destruction of Earth and her people, but as truly prophesied, by your Christ, in His astutely percieved and clearly stated prediction that a new Heaven on Earth would come...that a time was underway when the end of the dark old ways and an end to the rigid old far-flung false religious beliefs, would "come, as a thief in the night--where all secrets would be known and shouted from the rooftops (via your Internet).

Forget fear and embrace love, cooperation and endless peace and harmony with everyone you touch by your presence--in any way--from this day forth! Be uplifted and give thanks. This is a time of celebration and good cheer. Together, working closely with our enlightened allies on Earth, as spoken to in this ANNOUNCEMENT--we have been victorious--and soon you will each and all be traveling safely through the stars--with us--on on your own--to be guests of countless other such civilizations as your own now awakened Human Family on Earth. God bless you all. This is our end of our long-awaited communication to you, our much beloved sisters and brothers on Earth--on this date and this time. Be fully blessed and know that the Light of God never fails! End of ANNOUNCEMENT!

White Magic - New Information

My new book, The Secret Science of White Magic, is now available on my Blockbuster eBooks web site. There are many opinions about the use of "white magic." The growing public emphasis upon the negative and often vile side of occultism such as black masses, Satanism, the dark use of Voodooism and many other weirdly such indescribable fetishes makes it vitally necessary to restore the true image of magic and natural use of the Law involved.

First, observe that there are extremists or “lunatic fringe” groups at work in politics, science, business, art and whatever else people turn their attention. The science of magic has fared worse than other areas and the range of lunacy is boundless in this field. Luckily, many of these mass movements are harmless because they have no real power. The perverts who gather and execute these odd rituals are most often greatly deluded and clearly are “the blind leading the blind”. In a few instances, much physical and psychic injury by one of these more powerful oddball groups is incurred and sustained to themselves and others.

The Law holds true forever that ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. If two, three or more persons gather and focus their concentrated thought upon one individual or group, they can in due time literally destroy their recipient’s form unless he or she is protected by the Light. The one exception to the Law is that no harm can come to anyone who has their own protective robe of light around them.

The Voodoo priests usually are well trained in magic and are extremely successful in achieving their ends. Another very strong point in their favor lies in the fact that they work in geographical areas where human consciousness, both physically and psychically, is receptive to magic. When the psychic atmosphere is right, meaning with the right kind of electricity in the air, that atmosphere provides a fluid catalyst for a magician–white or black–to bring about startling and instantly manifested miracles. In my own experiments, I have learned how to build up that psychic atmosphere within my own consciousness and therefore have accomplished the instant magical results I wanted to manifest.