Thursday, February 28, 2008

What are Benefits of Miracle Product NEUTRALIZER

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Today--Friday, Feb. 29, 2008:

L writes:

"Hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you knew the uses for the Miracle neutralizer. I looked on the website and there isn’t much info at all. What do we use this stuff for? They say to take it with you in a spray bottle, but what do we spray it on? Thanks, L"

My reply:

"Dear Lyra---there are hundreds of uses for Neutralizer--and best way to learn of them is to download the FREE 162 page book HERE... and read the 100 or more testimonials: - and what I have written about it. I buy it in flash powder form packets and mix up a whole gallon at a time. I have used the Miracle Products for a good 10 to 12 years now...and would NEVER be without them.

When I learned of the poisons in soap, I stopped using any for two years--and was delighted when I found Miracle Soap..and have used it every day since.... You can swallow it and get rid of parasites....

For example: One Doctor lady said 7 drops a day--made her breast cancer go away! "

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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Love Expressed - Love Received

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Today--Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008--This is part of the daily message I sent to my worldwide list of thousands today! Will you share it with others too? Thanks!


Mighty, mighty AWESOME!!

PLEASE - do your heart and SOUL a favor...see this deep, deep expression of genuine SOUL-FELT love--woman to beast--and beast to woman!

***Thanks Ardath, dear soul---for sharing this with me....

I hope all of you who READ AND CLICK here--will help this awesome expression of SINCERE LOVE sweep across and around our Earth--again and again...So be it.
This woman found this lion hurt and about to die. She took him home and took care of him. When the lion was better she called the local zoo. This was the reaction she got when the lion saw her:

CLICK here:
(Copy and paste--IF NOT live--or type entire URL and activate it--well, well worth the time and effort)

Thanks again--for sharing LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today--Wed...Feb. 27, 2008--a beautiful soul working strongly to get Ron Paul elected--sent me an article--referring to a bible quoute--of an incensed Jesus driving the money changers out of the Temple. A quick scan of the email of the article--written by a Reverend--and here was my reply to J's question about what I thought of the article?

Brother J.
Man's plan will fail!.
Trust God's plan! Where is the LIGHT AND THE LOVE in this article? It is NOT an article I would want to publish and send on to my beloved newsletter subscribers.
Jesus the Christ Being was NEVER INCENSED...and much of the bible has been constantly being re-written and quoted by the dark forces that that want us to forget PEACEFUL means and use violence to keep our vibrations lowered. God and Creator SOURCE are Love and Light--and so are each and all of us Children of God.
Does that answer your question, my beautiful Earth friend (grin)
All is well. Look beyond appeances, brother.
Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Many Benefits of CHOCOLATE for HEALTH

The Many Benefits of Chocolate For Health

By Russ Michael

Author of more than 30 Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER Books

So many people are shocked--but then delighted--to learn University and laboratory tests by leading edge researchers in science and medicine have discovered chocolate is really, really an incredibly healthful and nutritious food?

The old paradigm was--eating chocolate was bad for your health and your figure or physique, for daily indulgence in chocolate would surely make you sickly and fat--and age you fast. Chocolate was often judged wicked, if not even evil...

Thank God!

The new paradigm is--eating chocolate is good for your health and your figure or physique, for a daily treat of dark chocolate is healthful, nutritious and can even help you to lose weight--and to reverse your age

. Chocolate is now raved about and considered highly healthful food.

Chocolate is indeed not only tasty but scientifically tested and rated as the most healthful known food on Earth. Dark chocolate is more healthful than you might possibly imagine! The acai berry was rated as the food with the highest scientific ORAC score rating--of all known and tested foods on Earth--until they tested the seemingly lowly cacao bean. Lo, and behold, to the surprise of the entire scientific and medical community--as tested again and again--chocolate holds the nutritionally highest rated ORAC score of all foods known to have been tested for ORAC ratings to date....

Most readers of my long-time best seller book, Finding Your Soulmate, or any of my more esoteric Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER books--like The Secret Science of White Magic, the Science of the Soul, might be surprised to discover that I have been a life-long "chocoholic." I am regarded--with a smile--as a true-blue "chocolate king" by my family or close range friends.

As I state often in my various more essoteric books, everything in the Universe follows exact Law and there simply are no accidents in all of nature. My love and daily indulgence in chocolate treats may be an added reason--why, at my age--I have as much--or more vitality, and I expend far more energy, day after day, late into the night daily--with as much, or more vitality and passion, as what I had expressed daily at my considered prime age of 20.

I hardly miss a day that I do not--or have not--enjoyed a fair share of chocolate, a chocolate bar, a chocolate cake, a chocolate mousse, or a delicious hot chocolate drink--or several chocolate snacks of some kind. I repeat, this may be why I have no aches or body pains. I feel like superman all day! I have never been a host to a flu, a cold--or even a sniffle--in the past 20 years or more. Anyone who has read my 404 page autobiography knows that personal obstacles and hardhsips can be overcome and there is nothing you or I cannot be, do or have.The light of Creator God within each and all of us never fails!

Yes, I believe in feeling and being youthful and I know perspective play a major part in whether we stay young or age fast. Since, I really do what I love--and love what I do--my body simply mirrors the light and love of my mind and soul. Yet, it was really no surprise--in my constant search to keep updated on the latest miracle or natural health foods--the ones that really do work, as claimed, or stated--that chocolate has been known for at least 2000 years as an extraordinary food for body, mind and spirit.

The Royal families or priestly elite of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations understood and appreciated all of the now being discovered many nutritional and medicinal values of chocolate. In fact, they invoked and passed laws aimed toward keeping the use of chocolate--as an age-reversing food and a medicinal dose--solely for royalty or limited only to others within their tightly closed "elite" ruling class circle.

In doing my research for my very latest, great FUN book, CHOCOLATE FOR HEALTH, I soon found chocolate has recently been widely tested and acclaimed as highly nutritional, by doctors and scientists all over the world. Chocolate furthers the bodily health of man and beast--(which includes our farm stock and our so beloved family pets)--and in a host of wonderful--and often immediate--ways!

Some doctors have changed the old axiom from "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"--to--" enjoying some chocolate each day keeps the doctor away!"

In fact, I make the statement--without hesitation-- that chocolate now holds the highest possible scientifically tested ORAC score of all foods ever tested to date. Isn't that heart-warming good news? What does the acronym ORAC represent? The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbtance Capacity) measures the antioxidant level of protection any product has, via the latest scientific testing method developed by Tufts University, located in Boston

For example, an apple will have an ORAC rating of a high of about 43. Pecan nuts nearly 180, while acia berry scores 1027--and cocoa baking chocolate comes a nose higher, at 1032

As related throughout my book, Chocolate For Health, chocolate is recommended by doctors and health practitioners to help our magnificent human body recover from a host of ills--some of them deadly--from mental depression and high blood pressure, to diabetes and some forms of cancer, to age reversal.

I do want prospective readers of Chocolate For Health to know this is definitely a FUN book, written not as a heavy scientific tome, but with a light hand and a light heart and readers will of course recognize and hopefully relate to my love of chocolate.

Food is the best medicine, as Hippocrates, the Father of medicine stated. However, do understand that there are all kinds of chocolate, same as all kinds of foods. For better health be on the lookout for cold-pressed chocolate and dark chocolate and stay away from low-grade substitute vegetable oils, margerine, etc. rather than pure cacao butter. You would also want to have a chocolate bar or a chocolate drink, or a baking powder with 70% or more chocolate in it, when possible.

Why settle for inferior foods when for a few cents more you can enjoy the best?

As my long-time chocoholic friend in Virginia Beach, Va. USA, Ed Robertson says, "A piece of chocolate is peace of mind!"

If you are a chocolate lover, I am sure discovering there are many health benefits to eating chocolate is good news to you. I hope you will join a host of my other book readers in spreading this good news--worldwide--with a smile on your face, and a song in your heart. Maybe one day we will may soon meet--face to face--and and happily enjoy a tasty chocolate treat together. So be it.

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael - (Obtain Chocolate For Health eBook here) (***or here)
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(1) Dr. Henry Stephenson writes (CHOCOLATE)

My Dear wonderfull Brother Russ Michael, I couldn't agree with you more with regard to Chocolate and its benefits. For the past three - four years I have been eating a choc bar of some kind on a daily basis and enjoying the same benefits that you relate to. I'll be 92 in June with no achs or pains and no medications, just few of the liquid vitamin juices.

Health and life can be so simple when the laws of life are observed and followed.

A loving and supporting brother,
Dr Henry Stephenson

(2) Nancy Tate writes (CHOCOLATE)

Dear Michael,
This is the kind of (book)information that is very valuable in telling people what I've known to be true for a number of years. I have been eating a daily dose of delicious healthful chocolate for a number of years. I know that as far as the amount is concerned it is the timeworn addage 'everything in moderation'.

I keep a container of dark chocolate covered almonds, ginger, or some other yummy healthful food in my refridgerator for that wonderful, satisfying touch of chocolate after a meal.


PLEASE SHARE--and publish freely....Your neighbors, work associates and friend, or family will LOVE this GOOD NEWS TOO!!! THANKS!

Friday, February 22, 2008

You Have The Power

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Today--Thursday, Feb. 22, 2008--is another day to give thanks for all the many blessings that flow in, through and around us. The secret, very real power each of us possesses is infinitely great! You have the power to change this day into something better for yourself and those you touch by your physical or mental presence.

Do not forget the immense power of gratitude.

Every time we note or give attention to what we feel gratitude for it lifts all creation just that much higher. I hope you understand what counts most is the invisible, subtle power of your thought-- and your feeling--for this is the unseen power that ushers in every change made anywhere in creation. Three-dimensional physical action is miniscule compared to the power of your thought, especially when coupled with strong feeling.

Bless your heart. Make this day a fitting day for the sacred goddess or god being you are.....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Action Breeds Action

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Today--Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008--is a day to ponder if you are acting on making your dreams become manifest or waiting fo the Universe to park your dream at your feet. Another saying you will find stated often in my various books is, "action breeds action."

Fortunately I was taught not only the major laws surrounding "the secret" by a master mentor many decades ago--this Master emphasized the point that what we do today sets the ground we walk upon tomorrow. This applies not only to our powerful thoughts and feelings--but to the wise follow-through of inspired action, Our action is a signal to the Universe and to the Law of Attraction that we are serious about manifesting what we desire....

Wishful thinking has little power but a strong desire, strong enough to inspire some physical 3-D motion made by you toward helping to make that dream come true is what the phrase "power in action" means. Dream your dreams and remember to put all the inspired action into and toward making them a physical reality that you can imagne. Bless your dream. Bless you. Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chaos Does Not In Fact Exist

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008

KRYON pointed out in a segment of a message of his that I posted lately in my daily email Michael Worldwide Newsletter that chaos is not really chaos. How true. You will find that stated repeatedly--as a familiar remeinder--through my various books, phrased simply as "There are no accidents."

The Laws of Nature are always at work--and what is unseen and unknown to us--that seem to make no sense to our temporary now limited human senses always follow--and abide steadfastly to Universal Law--within All That Is.

The Law of Attraction never makes an error. Best thing is to not feel tense or out of sorts with whatever we do not presently understand. This means we must relax and put our trust and attention to where it deserves to be held. Greater Beings with greater minds and far-reaching insights--working as agents or messengers of God Creator Source--are always nearby and working for your and my best interest. Trust in a loving, caring Universe with just laws is essential to our peace of mind.

Bask and bathe in daily gratitude for the Well Being that exudes in, through and around us. Whether known or not, sensed or not, the eternal Well Being of Creator God Source is always enfolding and surrounding us. Bless us all. Enjoy your miracles of life today. Heart-HUGS and sunshine SMILES to you....I am thankfully, a joyful awakened brother on Earth, Russ Michael.

We are One.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Secret To Making A Dream Come true

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2008--Every new moment we are faced with a fresh new opportunity to dream new dreams, to embody a fresh new dream--or to initiate a long-held dream with one or several decisive actions that sets our sure course toward bright new horizons. I hope you will realize you are a powerful goddess or god co-creator on Earth--who came into human form with wonderful intentions to be and do all that you now know--that you are here to become--in these exciting "end times."!

Ready or not, the birth of Earth as a star has begun!

All the endless wealth and abundance of the universe awaits your claim and signal--that you are expanding to and extending from this universe--right from the core-center of your own sacred, divine spiritual and three-dimensional human being presence--where you now stand, sit, lie down or walk forth so tall..

Bless your endless and infinite dreams. Be in self-generated joy, light., and love.

Bless us all. I am, your thankful, grateful brother and friend on Earth, Russ Michael

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Soulmate Valentine Day

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2008--whether you are with your "special someone" or soulmate--or not--today is your own special Happy Valentine Day to bless all on Earth.

Love is in the air. Fill your heart, your body, your mind and soul with precious, everlasting love and spend it freely.

If you have read any of my Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER eBooks at or all my more than 20 böoks listed at will know there is nothing you cannot BE, DO or HAVE!

So make this a Happy Valentine Day for yourself as well. What do you really want to BE this day? What do your really want to DO today? What do you really what to HAVE this day? BE it, DO it, HAVE it....Bless your heart. God bless us all. I am Michael.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daily personal NOTE from Michael

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008--is a good day to remind myself that I no longer rely on major media news to determine the welfare and good state of my own daily human and spiritual affairs on Earth. Instead, I join with many other dearly awakened sisters and brothers to fill this day with a deep inner resolve to see and to create my own unique and many beautiful, exciting and thrilling personally manifest miracles!

CHOCOLATE is here!

Yes! I have completed the latest edition for my Blockbuster eBooks web site! It is called CHOCOLATE FOR HEALTH and it is dedicated with love and gratitude to each and every one of my companion ardent chocolate lovers.

Tell me now, who does not like chocolate? Since somewhere between six and seven billion people alive on Earth today, it is probably no exaggeration to say that there are a billion of us lucky enough to live the good life and who really and passionately love chocolate.

Note: To LOVE chocolate is a quantum leap greater than to merely like chocoloate. People who merely like chocolate perhaps account for yet another billion or more chocolate buyers, nibblers and munchers on our Earth.

Some folks have gone past the stage of liking or loving chocolate. Many have been fun-heartedly identified by family, friends, work associates and everyone else close enough to know them as genuine chocolate Queens or Kings, or even as chocoholics.

Yes. I too confess - I am one!

Are you one? If so - don't be shy, confess it, admit it.

Be proud to be what you are! My new eBook will give you the information you need to help others become Queens and Kings. It is packed with nutritional facts that speak for themselves. Chocolate is good for the body, heart, mind and soul!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Soulmate Books - Chocolate For Health - for Valentine Day

Greetings! From Russ Michael on Feb. 5, 2008

Valentine Day--Feb. 14th--is coming up fast....!!

Valentine Day reminds us--each and all--of the divinely felt gift and expression of love...of love expressed--from you to another--from your "I am" soul identiy self, to your divine humanly embodied self--and from others to you.

As most of my book readers or my daily email Worldwide Michael Newsletter subscribers know--to give, is better--than to receive!

The Law never fails! What you give--you gain! What you hold, you lose.

One of the greatest gifts we can give--one to another--is a revelation that places the receiver of our revelation in a fuller,more complete level of possible free-will choices, so he or she has a more informed choice!

Here is some ideas of Valentine day gifts that you might give to loved ones or to especially dear friends this year!

First, we all know and have friends that LOVE chocolate! So my sugestion for your first--totally cost-FREE gift--is to be the bearer of the so very true Happy Valentine Day News... Chocolate is good for health!

Second, your loved ones and dear friends will be pleased--to not only know there is a new Russ Michael eBook publication titled, "Chocolate For Health"--but he or she will be elated if you will purchase and download a FREE gift copy--from you to him or her--at website-- where all of my available eBooks are posted, and where my latest BLOCKBUSTER new book--Chocolate For Health--is offered--at a very special low Valentine Day discount price to all Russ Michael Newsletter subscribers or to my Russ Michael Blog readers, for the low cost of $9.95.

Third, who does not have loved ones or friends who are looking eagerly for their soulmate, Twin Ray, Mr. RIGHT, or MRS RIGHT, or a "Special Someone?" SO what better romantic Valentine Day gift than one of Russ Michael's BLOCKBUSTER long-time best seller books, this one selling today in 12 languages, (1) "Finding Your Soulmate", or, the sequel to it, (2) "Your Soulmate is Calling, selling in 13 languages, or (3) "Soulmate, Twin Rays and Special Lovers" or (4) "Finding MR RIGHT or MRS RIGHT" or (5) "The Secret of SEX and Sexual Attraction?" and (6) Chocolate for Health....

Any one--or a set of these books--authored by Russ Michael, a best-seller author--would make a heart-warming Valentine Day gift--to your own very "special someone" or to a dear friend this Feb. 14, Valentine Day 2008....

All is well. Be happy and a blessing to yourself and others every day.

Bless us all.

I am, Russ Michael

Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Information Can Come From Many Sources

Greetings - today...Feb. 4, 2008

THANKS for your visit to my blog site.

As stated above, good information can come from many sources. My books possess a wealth of information, but so do the books and articles or messages given to us by other awakened souls on Earth.

In that vein, if you have NOT yet visited the HEAVENLETTER site, or read a HEAVENLETTER you are in for the treat of your life. Instead of taking just my word for it--take or make the time to CLICK at Gloria Wendroff's website at: - read--and be enthralled, uplifted and enlightened in the most loving and direct way anyone could imagine.

Bless her heart. Bless your heart. Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Excerpt from 11 Magic Steps

MAGIC STEP ONE: Self-Image! You must start with a good self-image: Ask yourself how much love, health, wealth, creative talent, etc. you are able to accept? The honest answer to this question establishes whether any of the following steps can yet be taken.

Be true to yourself.

Make sure that this base--very first foundational step--provides you with all the sure footing that is necessary for you to take the easy remaining steps that follow. You want your future to be based on hard rock certainty and not on the shifting sands of a what otherwise could be a quick end to your deepest desires....

Though each and all of the Eleven Magic Steps are uniquely important in their own right and principle, without accepting and holding a good self-image it is impossible to achieve and to hold any vestige of success for any height, width, depth or length of time.

Do what you need to do to understand that you are NOT your body, you are NOT your mind, you are NOT your ego, or your feelings. Having thoughts and feelings is like having eggs, toast and juice for breakfast, no more, no less. You are NOT the eggs or toast you eat, or the juice you drink, either. Nor are you your mind. You can feed your mind with thoughts and freeze your body with fear, or lift your feelings to a high heaven of joy, but all of these thoughts and feelings are not you?

Okay, then...what is this being you know or think about as "I Am?" That who or what you are?. As soon as you have the breakthrough of understanding that God Creator Source created you as a perfect holographic image of God Creator Source you will gain a new, well-deserved high respect of your sacred Daughter of God--or Son of God--"I Am" identity.

Who are you? You are a perfect extension or expansion of God Creator Source. This is why you are immortal. and can co-create endlessly. You are eternally in a state of Oneness with God Creator Source. There is no way you can be lesser than that! You are a genuine Daughter of God or a genuine Son of God. It is why a ever loving God Creator Source gives you endlessly whatever you ask for...and instantly.

Hold fast to that image and that thought!

Doesn't that feel good? Do you really want to believe any false doctrine created--many centuries ago--to control and enslave you... that declares you are a worthless "sinner" lower than any worm in the Earth? The Master Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad or Krishna never said that. Jesus said clearly, "Know you not that you are gods?"

Remember, a slave who thinks for himself, or who knows his true worth can no longer be held a slave! That old "programming" is now seen for what it was and is, a tool to have full control over unthinking, unquestioning masses on Earth.

For endless centuries almost all of us "bought into" that negative programming. We were literally born into it. No wonder most of us have never understood and appreciated our own immense, grand self value, our priceless sacred self-worth!

This is your starting point. The is Magic Step One. Know who and what you are and that you are an equal co-creator on Earth with any other human sister or brother...and there is nothing you cannot be, do or have....!