Friday, February 15, 2008

The Secret To Making A Dream Come true

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2008--Every new moment we are faced with a fresh new opportunity to dream new dreams, to embody a fresh new dream--or to initiate a long-held dream with one or several decisive actions that sets our sure course toward bright new horizons. I hope you will realize you are a powerful goddess or god co-creator on Earth--who came into human form with wonderful intentions to be and do all that you now know--that you are here to become--in these exciting "end times."!

Ready or not, the birth of Earth as a star has begun!

All the endless wealth and abundance of the universe awaits your claim and signal--that you are expanding to and extending from this universe--right from the core-center of your own sacred, divine spiritual and three-dimensional human being presence--where you now stand, sit, lie down or walk forth so tall..

Bless your endless and infinite dreams. Be in self-generated joy, light., and love.

Bless us all. I am, your thankful, grateful brother and friend on Earth, Russ Michael

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