Wednesday, June 25, 2008

There Really is a DEAD ZONE Filled With Dark Cabal Entities That Now Control Earth Affars

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Today--Wed. June 25, 2008--"Miracles Abound Day"

It is highly important to know that the DEAD ZONE which was created to be a "haven" for each and all of us upon our human body death--(in-between human incarnations)--does exist!

However, a host of demonic beings, who for eons have maintained their life existence within this DEAD ZONE, had long, long ago learned how to feast off of the lower levels of vibration in the DEAD ZONE and those emanating from our close by 3-D Earth plane.

These seeming almost utterly soul-less, powerful dark demonic beings are really who invisibly sit behind the scenes and control all of the major Earth plane affairs through the known Illuminati (through manipulating the physical embodied dark-minded human beings who are dupes or "tools" of those entrenched in the lowest astral levels of the 4th Dimension (or Astral zone) which houses the highest Heaven levels--and the lowest hell levels--of planet Earth's DEAD ZONE inhabitants...the low and the high!

Detailed info about these entities, and how they manipulate and literally FEED off of the dark energies of FEAR caused by terror and destruction caused on Earth by those--like the Cheney-Paulson and-Bush crime family, etc.and their sordid minions worldwide--as revealed currently by Christopher Story, can be found in my two 'companion books' "The Birth of Earth As a Star" and "Life in The DEAD ZONE."

One long-time, very earnest seeker of truth, who read "Life in The DEAD ZONE" TOLD ME PESONALLY IT WAS "THE BEST BOOK HE HAD READ IN HIS WHOLE LIFETIME!" This book reveals far, far more than what the Dark Cabal on Earth would like for the rapidly awakening masses to know.

Fortunately, these are now "End Times" and as the final Golden Age manifests on Earth....physical body death (as we now know it) will no longer exist! Thus the DEAD ZONE will be obsolete. No in-between 'haven'--to safely contain and hold those who have departed from their physical being through body death--will not be needed anymore.... Most primitive life bearing planets--Creation-wide--have their own unique form of after-death haven or a similar DEAD ZONE for their own "dearly departed."

Then these--so very Dark Powerful Beings--will lose their hold and will have to re-embody in human form on some other 3-D planet--at the lowest primitive level, to meet ALL of their darkly created human karma.

IN DUE TIME, over vast eons, each and all of them will work their way back up into the LIGHT, as you and I, and most others on Earth in these end times have done.

Yes, yes, yes. We too have each played out our own share of dark roles and 'dark games' during our long time in many, many 3-D human duality embodiments. SO what a divine blessing to be where we are today. Let us give thanks!


In loving brotherhood.

We are One.

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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