Sunday, June 8, 2008

12 Year Old Girl Silences the U.N.

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Today--Saturday, June 8, 2008--"Heavenly Love Day"

I am sharing a very special message that went out to my worldwide subscribers today...

My Heart Moved--and It and I, Cried and Cried--(for All Life on Earth)

NOTE from Michael: Don't tell me grown up men don't cry!

It is my hope that IN DUE TIME all 7 billion people on Earth"s surface will CLICK on: and listen with their hearts and souls to this 12 YEAR OLD'S-- 5 minute

This incredible address was made at the United Nations, by a 12 year old Indigo or Crystal child...and you will understand, why me, a "grown up" with quite a few decades under my belt--broke into loud, uncontrollable sobs--after the impact of listening to what this bright, angelic, Heaven on Earth, 12 year old, so eloquently, right-to-the-point stated, to the attentive house full of United Nation representatives from all over Earth--IMPACTED MY HEART AND SOUL.


YOU will know why the sender--who forwarded this so astounding "wake up" call to humanity, used the frontpiece caption:

"12 Year Old Girl Silences the U.N."

P.S....I have listened to this talk--a brief 5 minutes--3 times already, and I COULD NOT HELP but break into deep sobs, each single time, after hearing this heart-moving message!!

PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN...and share this astounding, articulate wake up call (around and around) with everyone on Earth. Bless her pure radiant heart! Bless us all. I am, Michael

We are One.

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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