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Her Daughter Moved In With a Lesbian

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Today--Tuesday, June 3, 2008--"Joy of Life Day"

LADY X wrote:

Dear Michael:
I receive your newsletters regularly and have bought some e-books from you before....

i have a personal question that I would like to ask your word of wisdom regarding the situation, which is quite painful for me -

My daughter, who is 27, is married to a great young gentleman for the past 4 years after her college graduation. they met at college and later on went to Africa together for peace corps assignment after 9/11. then came back to attend respective graduate schools and just graduated this month. they are both high achievers and attended ivy leagues univesities, very emotionally matured and socially conscious and responsible young people that America would be so proud of them too! both sides of the family - the in-laws that is - are very happy of our children.

However my daughter, just a few days ago, emailed to inform me that they have decided to 'split up', as she has fallen in love with a Woman, who on the surface, is totally different from her. overnight, i have to deal with a totally unexpected news that they're splitting up, and also that she is a lesbian at once!

Michael, i am trying very hard to understand what's going on with her, and is deeply hurt too that my daughter, who is otherwise a complete 'apple of my eyes and everyone around her for all her life. i'm trying to seek the 'higher spiritual' understanding of what is happening to her, and if this fully shocking and so unlike her change is a permanent situation or just a temporary aberration of her life. may be she has been under too much strain and stress trying to handle a very heavy work and study load while she had to commute every weekend to be with her husband for 2 full years - she was in NYC (Columbia U) while he was in Pittsburg (Wharton- U Pen). as soon as graduation is over, Mark my son-in-law went off to Europe for a habitat trip which was orginally meant to be with my daughter, and she went off to join her girl-lover in the west coast awaiting for her next internship to start in June.

Michael, i am so distressed and thrown out of balance that i have not slept for 3 full nights .. and now emotionally and physcially exhausted. i am about to talk to my daugther over the phone tonight for the first time (i do not live in America at this time) but thought of sending you this 'quick' email to ask for your insight of this excruciatingly painful situation for them and everyone close to them. both families love them a lot and are quite hurting for them. i'm doing my best to pull myself out of the situation and trying to be as 'clinical' about it as possible (i used to be a therapist!). however the pain is deep and i've lost my ability to do work or do anything else for the past 3 full days. tomorrow is Monday again, and i need to pull myself together again as well as for her too. i wanted to be strong, positive and supportive of my daughter, whom i love dearly and have Not said anything negative or confuse her whatsoever. altho' inside, I am confused and having difficulty understand her, and praying that this might just be a temporary madness .. or is it?

Can you tell me Michael, what is the Implication of Homosexuality in the higher Spiritual context please?

Most gratefully, LADY X

Dear LADY X,

Please do not abuse your consciousness and body any more with this body sex issue. Thanks though for putting your trust in me and sharing your deep disappointment and your great grief and asking for my comment.

Simply know from the bigger picture--the only one that really counts-- words like "natural" or "unnatural" like we use in our limited intelligence and knowledge while humanly embodied mean nothing...

For all of us, at our core level are both male and female beings...so when AT FIRST INCARNATION, OUR original self, split into female and male, and through the course of hundreds or countless incarnations, makes a "switch" and is a female psyche in a male body, or a male psyche in a female body, they are NATURALLY drawn to members of their own sex.

THIS IS because from a pysche perspective, they are wanting to experience life with an "opposite sex" and since they CHOSE TO TRY OUT EMBODIMENT in the opposite gender sixual body form, at an inner level the are a male in a femal body, or a femal in a male body--and feel more natural with what is NOW then THE SAME SEX.

Read some of the Matthew books, which throw more light on this issue. However the main thing is love your daughter as she is, and allow her to be what she wishes to be in any given moment..for sexuality counts for little, while love counts for everything!

Know that all is well and love conquers all. Your job is to be at peace and to allow others, whether close or far, to make their own free will choices.

In loving brotherhood, I am, Michael

We are One.

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael - Age-Reversal@aon.at

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