Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chaos Does Not In Fact Exist

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Today--Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008

KRYON pointed out in a segment of a message of his that I posted lately in my daily email Michael Worldwide Newsletter that chaos is not really chaos. How true. You will find that stated repeatedly--as a familiar remeinder--through my various books, phrased simply as "There are no accidents."

The Laws of Nature are always at work--and what is unseen and unknown to us--that seem to make no sense to our temporary now limited human senses always follow--and abide steadfastly to Universal Law--within All That Is.

The Law of Attraction never makes an error. Best thing is to not feel tense or out of sorts with whatever we do not presently understand. This means we must relax and put our trust and attention to where it deserves to be held. Greater Beings with greater minds and far-reaching insights--working as agents or messengers of God Creator Source--are always nearby and working for your and my best interest. Trust in a loving, caring Universe with just laws is essential to our peace of mind.

Bask and bathe in daily gratitude for the Well Being that exudes in, through and around us. Whether known or not, sensed or not, the eternal Well Being of Creator God Source is always enfolding and surrounding us. Bless us all. Enjoy your miracles of life today. Heart-HUGS and sunshine SMILES to you....I am thankfully, a joyful awakened brother on Earth, Russ Michael.

We are One.