Friday, May 23, 2008

Pay Attention to Where Your Mind is Focused

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Today--Friday, May 23, 2008--"Mindfulness Day"--means exactly that. This is a perfect day to be mindful of what we are thinking, feeling doing and acting, in the sense that we are NOT distracted by anything except what we choose in any moment to give our counscious attention!

Years ago, under the 'hands on' training of the great Master Mentor the RAM, he emphazied and demonstrated that fact we all must give our full attention to anyone we engage in conversation, or that we allow to converse with us. The RAM would give full attention only to the one who was speaking to him, no matter how much another student of his Mystery School was trying to interrupt and get into the conversation. I witnessed this scores of times over the more than 7 years of my attendance and training in the MYSTERIES by the RAM.

This means, as expressed so clearly in a recent HEAVENLETTER, it behooves each and all of us to pay close attention to whether we are "mindful" or not to any of our interactions in any given moment.

Mindfulness increases our passion and zest for people, places and things in our lives, so well worth practicing such a valuable self-discipline.

We Are All One!

All is well.
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