Saturday, February 2, 2008

Excerpt from 11 Magic Steps

MAGIC STEP ONE: Self-Image! You must start with a good self-image: Ask yourself how much love, health, wealth, creative talent, etc. you are able to accept? The honest answer to this question establishes whether any of the following steps can yet be taken.

Be true to yourself.

Make sure that this base--very first foundational step--provides you with all the sure footing that is necessary for you to take the easy remaining steps that follow. You want your future to be based on hard rock certainty and not on the shifting sands of a what otherwise could be a quick end to your deepest desires....

Though each and all of the Eleven Magic Steps are uniquely important in their own right and principle, without accepting and holding a good self-image it is impossible to achieve and to hold any vestige of success for any height, width, depth or length of time.

Do what you need to do to understand that you are NOT your body, you are NOT your mind, you are NOT your ego, or your feelings. Having thoughts and feelings is like having eggs, toast and juice for breakfast, no more, no less. You are NOT the eggs or toast you eat, or the juice you drink, either. Nor are you your mind. You can feed your mind with thoughts and freeze your body with fear, or lift your feelings to a high heaven of joy, but all of these thoughts and feelings are not you?

Okay, then...what is this being you know or think about as "I Am?" That who or what you are?. As soon as you have the breakthrough of understanding that God Creator Source created you as a perfect holographic image of God Creator Source you will gain a new, well-deserved high respect of your sacred Daughter of God--or Son of God--"I Am" identity.

Who are you? You are a perfect extension or expansion of God Creator Source. This is why you are immortal. and can co-create endlessly. You are eternally in a state of Oneness with God Creator Source. There is no way you can be lesser than that! You are a genuine Daughter of God or a genuine Son of God. It is why a ever loving God Creator Source gives you endlessly whatever you ask for...and instantly.

Hold fast to that image and that thought!

Doesn't that feel good? Do you really want to believe any false doctrine created--many centuries ago--to control and enslave you... that declares you are a worthless "sinner" lower than any worm in the Earth? The Master Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad or Krishna never said that. Jesus said clearly, "Know you not that you are gods?"

Remember, a slave who thinks for himself, or who knows his true worth can no longer be held a slave! That old "programming" is now seen for what it was and is, a tool to have full control over unthinking, unquestioning masses on Earth.

For endless centuries almost all of us "bought into" that negative programming. We were literally born into it. No wonder most of us have never understood and appreciated our own immense, grand self value, our priceless sacred self-worth!

This is your starting point. The is Magic Step One. Know who and what you are and that you are an equal co-creator on Earth with any other human sister or brother...and there is nothing you cannot be, do or have....!