Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excerpt from There is NO Death

There is no death! Why? Simply because there is nothing in this universe but life and whatever temporal form it holds Show me one thing--that at some level--is not alive?

Few on Earth understand that no one dies.

Yes, indeed. There is no denial of the fact that an exit is made by the conscious in-dweller of any physical form from the body at the moment of body death. However are you the body you travel around in? Are you the car you drive in? Are you boat you sail in down the rivers and over the vast ocean of life? Are you the air vehicle--soon to be a silent space hovercraft--that allows you to soar over the clouds and highest mountains upon Earth?

Can you show me one person on Earth who is the body they wear? Can you show me one person who is the thoughts they think or the emotions they feel?

No one is the temporal body they co-created to cruise around in. Nor are they the thoughts they think or the feelings they feel. Instead--as you must well realize by now--they are one of the "they" that have bodies used to transport or handle sentient experiences in a 3-D world. Or they are one of the "they" that ponders, explores or thinks thoughts, or they are one of the "they" that feels the sentient feeling of low fear vibrations or high love vibrations or whatever shade or nuance of feeling in-between our human emotional spectrum.

The body surely can and does disintegrate, even at will--when capable and desired--but you or I will never ever die.

Yet the appearance of the physical body death is only too real to anyone who has "lost" the living sight or spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical touch of a friend or of a loved one. 8
Not one iota of that can alter the fact. There is no death. The friend or loved one has stepped out of one 3-D physical dimensional level zone into a relative 4-D non-physical zone. This is like you stepping out of presence and sight through the door of one room and as the door closes behind--into sight and in the presence of those in another.

Or think of it as being in a 3-D building and stepping into an elevator at the first floor level. You ascend to the 4th floor level. You stop and step out of--your then non-physical elevator--into a 4th Dimensional non-physical building there. Nevertheless, death of a loved one or a friend seems so real to our senses. Yet, the wisest mentors of all time tell us to "look beyond appearances." Is it not a known fact that our physical senses can be the biggest liars or conveyers of illusion we possess?

It is solely our acceptance of the appearance of finality at body death that presents a handicap to our true understanding of what is an eternal and a natural cyclic event.

In time we all learn to look beyond appearances. In time we learn that the life identity--that informs you--or your loved one, or your friend, only appears to die. Your lover is eternal. Your friend is eternal. Thus how can your lover or your friend die? Love is eternal. You are eternal. I am eternal.

You and I never die. It is impossible! There is no death.

After what is the release of the form--or very evident bodily death and 3-D disintegration of the body mass--the still living, unique one-of-a-kind lover, or friend, simply re-forms and continues to live and BE in the non-physical state. In time a choice to re-embody on Earth--or upon another similar planetary 3-D body of the appropriate same vibratory range--is self-chosen by your lover or friend.

Science is right in proclaiming energy is all that exists. Life expresses as energy and is modified into degrees of light mass. Thus through sentient consciousness one unique energy mass can distinguish another perceived energy mass from another.

You and I, and our pet creatures, plants, minerals and other things of every nature are pure life, pure energy, through and through. Each one of us is modified now on Earth into a sentient mass of whirling human energy fields called Maria, John, Michael, Fee-Fee--or a rose, a dream soul mate--or a universe we perceive that swirls endlessly around us. There is unity to all existence. Yet each fragmented self of All That Is lives within a world made of its own co-creative action.
Each one of us--from an atom to the highest Ascended Master Cohan, or a pseudo God--like a brutal childish Jehovah God of our imagination is totally self-created.

We are our own parents in the most exact meaning of that word.