Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today--Wed...Feb. 27, 2008--a beautiful soul working strongly to get Ron Paul elected--sent me an article--referring to a bible quoute--of an incensed Jesus driving the money changers out of the Temple. A quick scan of the email of the article--written by a Reverend--and here was my reply to J's question about what I thought of the article?

Brother J.
Man's plan will fail!.
Trust God's plan! Where is the LIGHT AND THE LOVE in this article? It is NOT an article I would want to publish and send on to my beloved newsletter subscribers.
Jesus the Christ Being was NEVER INCENSED...and much of the bible has been constantly being re-written and quoted by the dark forces that that want us to forget PEACEFUL means and use violence to keep our vibrations lowered. God and Creator SOURCE are Love and Light--and so are each and all of us Children of God.
Does that answer your question, my beautiful Earth friend (grin)
All is well. Look beyond appeances, brother.
Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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