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The Many Benefits of CHOCOLATE for HEALTH

The Many Benefits of Chocolate For Health

By Russ Michael

Author of more than 30 Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER Books

So many people are shocked--but then delighted--to learn University and laboratory tests by leading edge researchers in science and medicine have discovered chocolate is really, really an incredibly healthful and nutritious food?

The old paradigm was--eating chocolate was bad for your health and your figure or physique, for daily indulgence in chocolate would surely make you sickly and fat--and age you fast. Chocolate was often judged wicked, if not even evil...

Thank God!

The new paradigm is--eating chocolate is good for your health and your figure or physique, for a daily treat of dark chocolate is healthful, nutritious and can even help you to lose weight--and to reverse your age

. Chocolate is now raved about and considered highly healthful food.

Chocolate is indeed not only tasty but scientifically tested and rated as the most healthful known food on Earth. Dark chocolate is more healthful than you might possibly imagine! The acai berry was rated as the food with the highest scientific ORAC score rating--of all known and tested foods on Earth--until they tested the seemingly lowly cacao bean. Lo, and behold, to the surprise of the entire scientific and medical community--as tested again and again--chocolate holds the nutritionally highest rated ORAC score of all foods known to have been tested for ORAC ratings to date....

Most readers of my long-time best seller book, Finding Your Soulmate, or any of my more esoteric Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER books--like The Secret Science of White Magic, the Science of the Soul, might be surprised to discover that I have been a life-long "chocoholic." I am regarded--with a smile--as a true-blue "chocolate king" by my family or close range friends.

As I state often in my various more essoteric books, everything in the Universe follows exact Law and there simply are no accidents in all of nature. My love and daily indulgence in chocolate treats may be an added reason--why, at my age--I have as much--or more vitality, and I expend far more energy, day after day, late into the night daily--with as much, or more vitality and passion, as what I had expressed daily at my considered prime age of 20.

I hardly miss a day that I do not--or have not--enjoyed a fair share of chocolate, a chocolate bar, a chocolate cake, a chocolate mousse, or a delicious hot chocolate drink--or several chocolate snacks of some kind. I repeat, this may be why I have no aches or body pains. I feel like superman all day! I have never been a host to a flu, a cold--or even a sniffle--in the past 20 years or more. Anyone who has read my 404 page autobiography knows that personal obstacles and hardhsips can be overcome and there is nothing you or I cannot be, do or have.The light of Creator God within each and all of us never fails!

Yes, I believe in feeling and being youthful and I know perspective play a major part in whether we stay young or age fast. Since, I really do what I love--and love what I do--my body simply mirrors the light and love of my mind and soul. Yet, it was really no surprise--in my constant search to keep updated on the latest miracle or natural health foods--the ones that really do work, as claimed, or stated--that chocolate has been known for at least 2000 years as an extraordinary food for body, mind and spirit.

The Royal families or priestly elite of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations understood and appreciated all of the now being discovered many nutritional and medicinal values of chocolate. In fact, they invoked and passed laws aimed toward keeping the use of chocolate--as an age-reversing food and a medicinal dose--solely for royalty or limited only to others within their tightly closed "elite" ruling class circle.

In doing my research for my very latest, great FUN book, CHOCOLATE FOR HEALTH, I soon found chocolate has recently been widely tested and acclaimed as highly nutritional, by doctors and scientists all over the world. Chocolate furthers the bodily health of man and beast--(which includes our farm stock and our so beloved family pets)--and in a host of wonderful--and often immediate--ways!

Some doctors have changed the old axiom from "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"--to--" enjoying some chocolate each day keeps the doctor away!"

In fact, I make the statement--without hesitation-- that chocolate now holds the highest possible scientifically tested ORAC score of all foods ever tested to date. Isn't that heart-warming good news? What does the acronym ORAC represent? The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbtance Capacity) measures the antioxidant level of protection any product has, via the latest scientific testing method developed by Tufts University, located in Boston

For example, an apple will have an ORAC rating of a high of about 43. Pecan nuts nearly 180, while acia berry scores 1027--and cocoa baking chocolate comes a nose higher, at 1032

As related throughout my book, Chocolate For Health, chocolate is recommended by doctors and health practitioners to help our magnificent human body recover from a host of ills--some of them deadly--from mental depression and high blood pressure, to diabetes and some forms of cancer, to age reversal.

I do want prospective readers of Chocolate For Health to know this is definitely a FUN book, written not as a heavy scientific tome, but with a light hand and a light heart and readers will of course recognize and hopefully relate to my love of chocolate.

Food is the best medicine, as Hippocrates, the Father of medicine stated. However, do understand that there are all kinds of chocolate, same as all kinds of foods. For better health be on the lookout for cold-pressed chocolate and dark chocolate and stay away from low-grade substitute vegetable oils, margerine, etc. rather than pure cacao butter. You would also want to have a chocolate bar or a chocolate drink, or a baking powder with 70% or more chocolate in it, when possible.

Why settle for inferior foods when for a few cents more you can enjoy the best?

As my long-time chocoholic friend in Virginia Beach, Va. USA, Ed Robertson says, "A piece of chocolate is peace of mind!"

If you are a chocolate lover, I am sure discovering there are many health benefits to eating chocolate is good news to you. I hope you will join a host of my other book readers in spreading this good news--worldwide--with a smile on your face, and a song in your heart. Maybe one day we will may soon meet--face to face--and and happily enjoy a tasty chocolate treat together. So be it.

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael - (Obtain Chocolate For Health eBook here) (***or here)
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(1) Dr. Henry Stephenson writes (CHOCOLATE)

My Dear wonderfull Brother Russ Michael, I couldn't agree with you more with regard to Chocolate and its benefits. For the past three - four years I have been eating a choc bar of some kind on a daily basis and enjoying the same benefits that you relate to. I'll be 92 in June with no achs or pains and no medications, just few of the liquid vitamin juices.

Health and life can be so simple when the laws of life are observed and followed.

A loving and supporting brother,
Dr Henry Stephenson

(2) Nancy Tate writes (CHOCOLATE)

Dear Michael,
This is the kind of (book)information that is very valuable in telling people what I've known to be true for a number of years. I have been eating a daily dose of delicious healthful chocolate for a number of years. I know that as far as the amount is concerned it is the timeworn addage 'everything in moderation'.

I keep a container of dark chocolate covered almonds, ginger, or some other yummy healthful food in my refridgerator for that wonderful, satisfying touch of chocolate after a meal.


PLEASE SHARE--and publish freely....Your neighbors, work associates and friend, or family will LOVE this GOOD NEWS TOO!!! THANKS!

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