Saturday, January 26, 2008

White Magic - New Information

My new book, The Secret Science of White Magic, is now available on my Blockbuster eBooks web site. There are many opinions about the use of "white magic." The growing public emphasis upon the negative and often vile side of occultism such as black masses, Satanism, the dark use of Voodooism and many other weirdly such indescribable fetishes makes it vitally necessary to restore the true image of magic and natural use of the Law involved.

First, observe that there are extremists or “lunatic fringe” groups at work in politics, science, business, art and whatever else people turn their attention. The science of magic has fared worse than other areas and the range of lunacy is boundless in this field. Luckily, many of these mass movements are harmless because they have no real power. The perverts who gather and execute these odd rituals are most often greatly deluded and clearly are “the blind leading the blind”. In a few instances, much physical and psychic injury by one of these more powerful oddball groups is incurred and sustained to themselves and others.

The Law holds true forever that ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. If two, three or more persons gather and focus their concentrated thought upon one individual or group, they can in due time literally destroy their recipient’s form unless he or she is protected by the Light. The one exception to the Law is that no harm can come to anyone who has their own protective robe of light around them.

The Voodoo priests usually are well trained in magic and are extremely successful in achieving their ends. Another very strong point in their favor lies in the fact that they work in geographical areas where human consciousness, both physically and psychically, is receptive to magic. When the psychic atmosphere is right, meaning with the right kind of electricity in the air, that atmosphere provides a fluid catalyst for a magician–white or black–to bring about startling and instantly manifested miracles. In my own experiments, I have learned how to build up that psychic atmosphere within my own consciousness and therefore have accomplished the instant magical results I wanted to manifest.