Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anyone who has been reading my books for the past 47 years knows that I introduced the concept, the idea--and the very word "SOULMATE" to mass conscious mind of humanity on our Earth in 1970, with the advent of my book, Finding Your Soulmate...

Prior to 1970 the word "soulmate" --strange as it may seem--was not an idea, or a concept, yet known--or realized--in the minds and hearts of our teeming human masses upon Earth. In 1970 the word "soulmate" did not exist in the minds of the masses.

It was obvious to me, then knowing and teaching what is today known--or tagged or hyped as "The Secret"--that IF I succeeded in having the average man and woman on Earth understand that there was a wondrous "lover relationship" state--that far transcended a normal marriage love relationship--or rampant "one-night stands" with a passing lover--that "soulmate" idea alone would gradually awaken the sleeping masses to a natural next level of thought--the recognition of that divine soul within each and all of us, and all other living beings.

I was inspired by the thought of my calling attention to the possibility of meeting another loving mate--whether a normal marriage partner, a soulmate, a Twin Soul or a special love--at a level beyond our normal dual 3-D body and mind relationship--at a SOUL-MATED level--would soon allow everyone to subtly soon realize they were not a mere human body, but an eternal, infinite soul. This would lead --in time--to be an enormous quantum enlightening leap in global mass human consciousness. Before and during the 1970's, the idea of the human inner soul, of psychic phenomena, mind over matter, of meditation, or the vast difference between being religious or spiritual, or the power of the mind for anyone to be, do or have whatever they desired was thought about or expressed in less than 15% of the masses. Today is a good 85% of all of us on earth know or even have a high interest in these subjects.

My hope and my intention in 1970--in my first soulmate book was--that in divulging the possibility of a soul mate kind of marriage or relationship being possible--in due time--the idea of having a higher, more fulfilling kind of a love relationship--with a very "special someone soulmate" would grow and grow in the mind of humanity.

I felt it was a subtle--yet powerful way of letting the average man or woman on our earth know she or he could forego an ordinary--socially accepted and ordained state marriage--by opting to be fused together with a life-long mate, at that higher, deeper, broader inner soul mate level.

I was sure this very new idea or thought would lead humanity on a quest to desire, seek and find their very own unique soulmate, their Twin Flame, or their special lover. I knew that simply knowing that a soul-to-soul-relationship would slowly lift more and more singles, or lifelong marriage partners to seek, find or establish a soulmate relationship with in a soulmate marriage that would be a boon to themselves and to humanity beyond counting.