Monday, April 14, 2008

Only The Body Is Dead--Your Loved One Lives

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Today--Monday, April 14, 2008-- One of the wonderful volunteers, B.E., who performs pre-edit work on my books being completed for a FINAL WRAP, as a Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER eBook, by Chief Editor, Pam Leach, wrote:

"Thank you for this.(My gift of a copy of the nicely stylized finished, PDF file copy of "Only The Body is Dead--Your Loved One Lives" eBook) It was especially meaningful to me as my precious daughter, J.K. died in 1990 at age 6 of a brain tumor. It took much grieving, growing to come to a peaceful place. Reading the Messages from Matthew were helpful and this wonderful book of yours, Michael are among the most helpful, healing words that I have read/heard. Blessings. B.E".

This new eBook of mine will soon be posted and available at my general eBook website: - so look for it there!

Have a great day where you are seeing and counting yuour blessings, filled with amazing and pleasing new miracles. Bless us all. I am, Michael

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