Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Secret of White Magic--The Science of the Soul

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Today--Monday, April 22, 2008--Here is a little insight into this book, which if you are in the least bit interested in the subject of white magic--and why and how it works--you can obtain at my general website, where most of my current Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER EBooks are listed...."The Secret of White Magic--The Science of the Soul" by Russ Michael

The idea that magic–white or black–exists in today’s ultra modern world may seem farfetched, but nevertheless magic does exist! I know because I am a conscious practitioner of white magic and I know many other white–and a few black–magicians in the world, past and present, who understand and use the Law or the principles of nature to produce magical effects in their very own world and in our collective Earth planetary environment.

Dr. Jonathan Stone --in his Foreword of this book wrote:

"Throughout all of history, there have been enlightened men and women who understood the knowledge contained in this book of light. That knowledge was guarded, lest it fall into the hands of those who might abuse it.

Now the secret veil has lifted from the “Mysteries” of time immemorial and all who have ears to hear and eyes to see may understand and know the Truth. What is the key to this Truth? It is that we are gods. We all have divinity within us. This is the “magic of the soul”. As we accept, understand, know and work with this wondrous power within us, we practice The Science of White Magic."

All is well.

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