Sunday, April 6, 2008

We Create Our DREAM Reality

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I have been visited by the "Bad" ET's. I work with a man to guide me with enhancing my energy and trying to protect it. The ET's one night, which I saw/heard the tail end of, drained me of my energy. (I woke up fast, saw streaming trail of colors, like the comics when something moves fast. I also heard a whooooose of air going past me. I was also on by back and I never sleep on my back.)

If they are not allowed to interfere with us then why were they allowed here?

From your 'Michael newsletter' on 4-4-8:

"They also wish to witness your advancement as you rise up with your physical body, and the changes to it that allow it to happen. You are truly attracting much attention, but none are allowed to interfere with the process taking place."

I am just concerned as to how they are allowed to drain me? I had the "feeling" that they do not want me to do what I am supposed to be able to do? I am not a person, yet, that can 'feel' things, but I do get "hits" about things.

Any info. on this? Much appreciated,


Beloved J.,

This quote from my daily Newsletter refers to entire E.T. civilizations who are observing us now from deep outer space of our Earth.

Do understand that that what you experience in the dream state - while out of the body - and immersed in a lower level of the astral plane has nothing to do with our Galactic E.T. Neighbors - who do NOT frequent those lower astral levels --that you and I can--during our sleep state.

Realize, we create our own daily or nightly dream reality....IF you are surfing lower levelS of the astral plane during your sleep, you will of course encounter the astral illusion of monsters, vampires, or whatever you can imagine. Best thing is to consciously keep your energy and thoughts high before falling asleep, feel love and gratitude for CREATION, or whatever, as that will allow you to enter the igher waves of the astral level during your sleep a a more rapid frequency vibration rate level...where these demonic forces cannot exist....

All is well.

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Bless us all. I am Michael
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