Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birth of "The Secret" To Masses on Earth

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Today--Tuesday, May 27, 2008--"Perfect Communication Day"

I posted this note in my today's Michael Worldwide Nedwsletter:

Note from Michael - as related in my book, "Autobiogrpahy of an Immortal" -though the Law of Attraction led me to hands on training from several other masterful spiritual mentors, like Baird T. Spalding, Neville, etc....most beloved Master D.K. was my first Ascended Master mentor in my current human embodiment.

The Master Djwal Khul dictated the classic more than 20 book series to Alice A. Bailey, in the 1920's to the 1940's - and prepared the masses for the esoteric doctrine referred today as "The Secret" - which as he predicted, that "The Mysteries" would be revealed by one of his diciples--to "the masses" for the first time ever on Earth--via forthcoming Radio, and other mass media communication forms, etc. in the then forthcoming year 1975

D. K. explained, prior to that, "The Mysteries"--as this arcane doctrine was known, had only been taught 'in secret'--down through the ages--on a one-to-one, or strictly to a very small group basis.

My weekly TV broadcast, and my book, aptly titled "The Mysteries" was published, and my TV Show was broadcast via Warner TV--out of Washington D.C. in 1975, as predicted by D.K....as well as through my regular scheduled weekly radio broadcasts, on "The Mysteries," sponsored by my Church of Humanity, located then at 3333 E. Connecticut Ave, was broadcasted on both the East and West coasts....

I also conducted a 3 week intensive workshop... on "The Mysteries" from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, in Virginia Beach, Va., Honolulu, Hawaii, and at several other cities throughout the USA in 1975.

So, far-seeing Master D.K. holds a special place in my heart...and I am so grateful for the reams upon reams of light-filled information this Master has shed into human consciousness on Earth. The Master D.K. was also reponsible for making "The Great Invocation" available to the masses worldwide, which was a powerful factor in opening the "inner eye" of mass humanity on our planet. Bless his heart, soul and spirit. Bless us all, as we are One....I am, Michael (Russ Michael) www.russmichaelebooks.com

You and I are One. We Are All One!

All is well.

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