Saturday, May 17, 2008

Final Curtain About to Close on End Times

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Today--SATURDAY, May 17, 2008--"A Day of Delight"...a subscriber to my daily 'Michael Worldwide Newsletter' and occasional 'Letter from Michael' wrote the following comment--as feedback--concerning the current insightful financial world affairs, as reported by dear, very astute and truthful finance reporter, Christopher Story:

B.P. wrote:

Hi Michael,

Christopher Story's use of terms such as "Unterreichsfuehrer" make his whole reporting so much less believable and so much more paranoic. Most of what he has said in the past has not happened, like his report of The Secretary of the Treasury having been killed. He is still very much alive. Etc., etc., etc., Besides anything Himmler ever did was nowhere near as evil as what Cheney is doing.


My reply:

Dear B.P.,

You appear to be far behind times. Our shadow government has been making HUMAN CLONES, like Kissinger, Bush Sr. & Jr., etc. now for decades...(A full human clone can be MANUFACTURED now to replace old ones in DAYS...where it used to take months)

Most clones need new down loads of programming every few months or so, or are simply replaced. It was just announced a few days ago that our U.S. government is now collecting--or planing to collect-- the DNA of all new-born babies--within the next 6 months, and are collecting human DNA, at arrests, or for any excuse now, so they have a DNA bank on everyone and can clone anyone in their DNA banks within DAYS....And tou can be sure that the ILLUMINATI already have a huge DNA ARCHIVE of each and all of their major dupes or dark cabal game players.

Cheney may also already be a CLONE....

YOU also seem to forget, or do not know, the Forces of Light are upright and work to make legal ARRESTS, ETC., so until legal moves can be made--even though the status appears the same--new choice developments, by the infinite numbers arrive, but all are under control and being led to bringing about a dramatic close of the final curtain--that will oust the illegal U.S. regime and curtail the DARK FORCES--at moment, any day, or any hour. We on Earth are so greatly protected and blessed.

I do NOT judge Christopher Story for being so emphatic about wanting to expose the fact that the DARK FORCES...are driven by the same, hard-core old NAZI party that sponsored HITLER and his minions....The DARK CABAL has been around and controlling all major human affairs on Earth for centuries.

Most people would and do consider some aspects of Christopher's presentation paranoid, while I consider it putting a bold emphasis on the full TRUTH. We each choose our perspectives!

End times will come--and in our favor,since our most beloved GALACTIC NEIGHBORS are here en masse--behind the scenes--and are in full control, so all is well. Get familiar with my books at and at


We Are All One!

All is well.
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