Friday, May 30, 2008

Only Man Judges For God Does Not Judge

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Today--Friday, May 30, 2008--"Blessings Abound Day"--like all bright new days on Earth--this day is a day to count our many bountiful blessings....

In my Michael Worldwide Newsletter today, May 30, 2008, I posted a wonderful telepathic MIKE QUINSEY message from Ag-agria, one of our beloved GALACTIC FEDERATION members from Sirius who spoke in depth about how upon our human physical body death, we have an instant flashback, where we see and judge our success or failures of the past human incarnation...He emphatically states that God does not judge, but we are the most harsh judges of where we have failed you can imagine. It was at this point that I inserted the following note...

(***NOTE from Michael...this is especailly meaningful to me, since when I died at age 18 (as rfevealed in detail in my book, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN IMMORTAL")...I saw, felt every thought, feeling and action peformed in my 18 years in an INSTANT FLASHBACK, YET I COULD PONDER EACH EVENT AND SIGNIFICANCE, and I saw clearly where I failed and where I succeeded in my life "mission" or plan.

Most importantly, Creator God Source, did NOT stand in judgement of me one iota, it was me, my own "I am" consciousness that was such a severe judge of myself. I know PERSONALLY through that "AFTER LIFE" human embodiment death experience, nothing escapes our attention...and above all, I noted I had FAILED TO LOVE most of all, as I had vowed or pledged to myself, prior to being embodied.) END OF NOTE....

THUS in this lifetime, I am expressing my love to all. I love you.

We Are One!

All is well.
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