Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Job is To Be Discerning

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Today--Friday, June 13, 2008--"Jump For Joy Day"

A much appreciated "Michael Worldwide Newsletter" subscriber displaying two slightly different messages from two outstanding LIGHTWORKER channels--I had posted in earlier editions--wrote:

Hello Russ,
Wondering if you can sort this out. Are they speaking about the same places? If so, their signals are crossed.
Joyful blessings, C. ^j^


Paragraph 8 "You can all dream about this as you finish your metamorphosis in your safe havens in inner Earth!"


Therefore I shall say only that there will be NO nuclear war and NO one on Earth can start a war in space; NO extraterrestrial civilization will invade and conquer your planet; the cleansing process will NOT flood millions of square miles of land and cause billions of deaths; there will be NO need for spacecraft to rescue you just before your planet upends itself or to live underground when you are returned; the millions who speak against US administration policies will NOT be rounded up and put in prison camps; NO man-made viruses will be unleashed and cause most of your population to die; there is NO need to invest billions of dollars in gold so economic and governmental reforms can begin. :

C. dear soul,

The "job" of a human channel--like beloved Suzanne Ward with occasional Matthew "NIRVANA" reports, or beloved Mike Quinsey with his prolific 3 time weekly E.T. Updates--or any other mortal channel, is that all telepathic material received from any valid LIGHT source like theirs, goes through her or his brain, and
by Law, is reflective of the belief systems and freely chosen perspective of transmitted material moving through the physical brain and mind of that specific channel. Two channels tuning in to the same exact TRUTH each colors what is received by what her or his own DNA holds--in perceiving that one respective TRUTH--so will be slightly or greatly differenty relayed to us receivers of the channeled message....

Your "job" or the job of any reader of any channeled material is to use all the discernment YOU--or we--possibly can, if--or when-- we try to FIT the info from one reliable channel into the context of the censoring belief system, and meaning seemingly presented by another channel, which appears to conradict another channel, or teacher. This is why those study esoteric truths under one teacher become confused if they try to compare and see the differences in another reliably good teacher...and are advised to understand all they have learned from one "Guru" before moving on to another....

My suggestion is to reserve any judgement about differences and focus on what feels gooD--(GOD)and thus right--to you, when reading any material FROM ANY HUMAN SOURCE.


All is well.

We are One.

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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