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Sample Chapter of Why and How of Meditation

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Excerpt from:

Why & How of Meditation, by Russ Michael

Chapter 9

Preparing Your Mental Body

The thought of a mental body is not so strange as the idea of an emotional body. Everyone accepts the fact of their mind. Hardly anyone has not paused at some time in his activities to rest serenely in her or his mental consciousness. But as we all know this is certainly a very infrequent occurrence in our go-go-go time-centered materialistic Western world culture.

However those individuals who enjoy enduring success in our society--no matter what their particular work--have all learned to relax. They withdraw within themselves a few minutes a day to re-energize their three bodies. Whether or not they do this as a conscious act of meditation does not concern us here. The important thing is it works! The law of Cause and Effect never fails. Every good action breeds good results in spite of our conscious or unconscious awareness. Intent means everything!

The great men and women of the past--and present--are a sharp contrast to other men and women. They have an exceptional dynamic vitality. Life is vitality. Vitality is life!

One is inseparable from the other. Meditation will add vitality to all three of your bodies. A very simple focused power of thought in the now if self establishes a connecting link--is a direct channel--to and from the Source of all our energy--the fount of our own individual life--our Higher Self.

Mind is finer etheric substances that holds your three body natures together. It is manipulated by thought. Your will--modified as desire--pours electrical energy into your emotional nature and demonstrates as the flaming urge of a personal desire. It pours frictional energy into your world around you. The cumulative results of all these transactions brings about the literal embodiment of your will into the objective world. Your will moves into space and time. It clothes itself in appropriate substance along the way. It finally becomes a dense physical 3-D form,or an event, that mirrors--accretions of gross physical atoms--what represent your original impulse and vision.

Note that I said represent. It is not actually the original. Every step removed from an original mold...loses authenticity no matter what duplicating process is used. All our creations--including our three lower bodies--are only projected forms for our identification and our daily use. You--the eternal Original Being--maintain your quality. Gradually you add to your being the experiences you consciously realized--in the use of all forms surrounding you --during your many sojourns through time and space.

It makes no difference how small--or how large--a form your expression requires. Whether you are creating a simple poem on paper or a plush garden in the desert it becomes a reality. It is vitalized also proportionate to the concentrated energy you pour into it. The man with a highly developed will recognizes no failures for he holds a steady meditative posture. He moves ever forward He persists until time is over-come...and 3-D space gives radiant material birth to his creation. A mighty faith that moves mountains works through any person who gathers focused thought and utilizes her or his immutable will.

Your mind is a shining entrance into the higher world of energy. It is the doorway to your world of complete freedom. Through the portal of your mind you have the vital means to cross the subtle etheric bridges between yourself and all other life manifesting in lower forms. Using your mind you may move consciously into the vaster spiritual reality of your infinite self being. You may will-fully propel yourself here and there in the great sweeping universe from which you have split off to become a conscious individual part.

When your physical and emotional bodies are carefully are well on your way toward a good meditative posture. You will find yourself alone in your mind body shifting here and there in a field of gyrating fresh new thoughts. Your job is to halt that uncontrolled processes.

Your mind control at first will be very limited. Literally scores of unrelated thoughts will come and go through your subdued consciousness. Perhaps your thought may rest fragmentarily on a single physical sensation...or on a persistent itch...or on an aching muscle. It may suddenly flit off to the sound of a passing car or a bird tweeting nearby. You will soon discover that your mind gallops to and fro like an untethered horse. It responds to one impact of the senses after the other.

It has always been a well-known fact--in most meditation circles--that so many beginners reacts with amazement to the free-wheeling undisciplined antics of their mind. His obvious lack of control that he now holds or exerts over his thoughts is suddenly apparent. Your mind has a sneaky habit of slipping subtly away--from your seed thought--before you are even aware that it has wandered. This is why the yoga teachers tell us that only a rare few people use their mind. The reverse is likely found...our mind uses us. However when we begin to learn meditation techniques we soon turn the tables on that errant mind.

Gradually then--with persistent focused attention and daily practice--you do become your mind's master. That will be and is a great thrilling turning point in your life! From that moment on you are an aware initiator of your own destiny. You are then no longer influenced by every whim of the elements. Your are no longer a slave to the countless emotional storms whirling endlessly on and on within--and without--your system and human world.

The time and amount of practice to achieve apparent mind control differs for everyone. One persona gains control with ease within a few hours. However for others...days, weeks, months, years or many, many lifetimes of re-awakening--and continued conscious daily discipline--is required. We each follow a natural, well-earned line of progression. All nature proceeds in orderly stages. Every added fraction of conscious control over your mind--through meditation--becomes an integral part of your body's equipment. It is usable immediately. In time you will find that a sure personal success follows any concentrated effort. The time needed is in exact ratio to your past or present lack of control. What you have learned you have earned. The knowing irrevocable law of Cause and Effect enables you to gain and to keep every aware part of life experience through which you have consciously passed.

After all...the only thing in consciousness that really counts is that which is awarely registered. All other impacts against--or through your system--do not exist in your own personal conscious reality or world. They are unconscious and soon become subconscious....

It is apparent it is your own inertia--or activity--limits or broadens your degree of awareness. As you deepen your attention expansion necessarily follows. As you expand your awareness you expand your consciousness.

The paradox is that each step you take further back in identity from (a) your physical body...(b) your emotional body...(c) your mental body...frees you to make more choices and to manipulate more area of new conscious self-control.

You can and DO control the pressing affairs of the world around you only when you know and have gained control of yourself. The Ancients knew it. The Greeks knew it...and now you know it. Self-knowledge breeds potent self-power.

Try to realize how important this ordered sequence of dis-identification, detachment, or dispassionate involvement--with your three lower vehicles--is to you. The door to your own personal success opens when you begin to master the force fields of the world around you. Up to that point you are just like the other nine hundred and ninety-nine out of a thousand of us who are swept along--almost blindly--by the unconscious dominating forces within and without us.

Incidentally these unconscious inner and outer forces--which are a main subject of contemporary psychology--were known long ago by the Ancients. Our vaunted modern scientists are late-comers to the astute truths taught by the meditating sages and seers of yesteryear. All that modern science and psychology uncovers --or unveils as new knowledge was generally already well-known to them.

As one transcends academic lore he finds most learning above the norm must come through meditation within. Meditation is the great key to individual or group progress. The thinking stance and the physical posture may vary but the results are the same. One person may work in a public laboratory and the other in the seclusion of a private sanctuary. Yet both types of enquirers must utilize the same channel--the mind--to gain entrance into any abstract regions of consciousness. Also, if either of these two different type of researchers are to succeed ...she or he must wrestle with and master thought. Thought alone has the power to rise to the abstract plane of intuition where all points within the great reality--both within and without space and time--can be cognized and contacted.

If we think it through--everything within any confining boundaries of time and space defines and limits reality perception.

As soon as we recognize something as existing--within a defined area--we know immediately that it has an edge--a width, height or a circumference--thus a 3-D limit. All forms--by definition--are limited... including our entire objective Universe. The consciousness--resulting from the merger of spirit and matter--is part in...and part out...of its restricting boundary. Consciousness show Life. It permeates All Creation--which may be a tiny part of an even Far Greater Reality--who knows?

Our simple human mind staggers to grasp the expansive concept of a God within Gods. It is now mighty difficult for most of us to grasp the much simpler concept, that we are minor gods within our Major Gods. Our Planetary Deity--"in which we move and live and have our being" as Saint Paul expressed one of these. Each one of us is a living cell in the great body of our planetary God just as equally as our own bodies are major gods to the constantly re-incarnating cells within our individual human systems.

The point is why be limited at all? Our own true real greater life exists outside any and all limits of time and space. Therefore, we are not limited. We each and all have unused potential. This unused potential is the golden paydirt we are all mining in reality. One goal of meditation is to further our objective creativity. In subjective terms it is achieving personal success. Happily, the success of one person aids and bolsters the chances of success of all humanity.

You are learning to tune your intricate human response mechanism--led by the mind or your mental body--into the abstract regions of thought. You will literally abstract new ideas from a region outside of time and space. You will clothe these new thoughts with concrete mental matter that has objective meaning to your physical brain self awareness. It gives concrete give birth to a flock of neurons and new brain cells...born through meditation. You build new physical brain cells--a larger brain--and thereby obtain new insights and greater objectivity.

Your meditation really begins when in some small way you have begun to concentrate on one targeted idea for a prolonged time. 15 to 20 seconds of this kind of focus accumulates sheer pure power. Control of your mental body is absolutely necessary in this process. When you are successful in seizing your wayward flitting mind and bringing it back to your chosen subject--the moment that it strays away--you are definitely moving into a strong meditative posture. Keep your mind focused on one subject. Then penetrate deeply into the many dimensions of thought surrounding it. This then is how you learn to tap into the soul of all things.

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