Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What Creates Lesbian or Homosexual Life Style

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Today--Wedsday, June 4, 2008--"A bright New Day"
Yesterday's dialogue continued...

LADY X wrote:

Dear Michael:
May I have a bit more clarification?

Kindest regards,


Dear LADY X,

Yes. In our 3-D duality world, opposites attract. So Law of Attraction works to draw opposite gender mates together.

If at your individuation when the whole you (HOLY) (WHOLE I ) moved into duality, and thus split into male-female, and you chose to be a female, and your other half, chose to be a male (during duality cycle--(SOON DRAWING TO A CLOSE)...YOU EACH WENT ON SEPARATE WAYS, through each of your separate male or female gender human embodiments...

IF you are a man, tired of wars and being the bread winner, you might chose to try incarnation as a female, thinking that a female lifetime embodied gender experience might be an easier life style to handle...

However, as a male psyche in a female form your innate, natural pyche self, would be repulsed by sexual male body relationships - and be attracted to to female embodied human soul. SO thus you are identified by the masses as a lesbian...and vice versa...when a primary female, normally always born in a female form, suddenly thinks it might be a better, easier life as a man. However, once enbodied and the genuine inert female psyche becomes dominant (even though "she" is now in a male body) she/he at--a psyche leve--is drawn to a male body and thus TAGGED a homosexual.

Homosexual or lesbian behaviour can also be an "entrained or copy cat behavior response" and in that case, could suddenly reverse itself, if the being chooses.

In all events, each soul must be allowed, without judgement, to choose, which path, which gender, and ALL must learn - that LOVE alone is all that counts.

All else passes on--and is pure ILLUSION--while love is forever!!

Hope that helps... Bless us all.

We are One.

Bless us all. I am, Russ Michael -
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