Friday, March 28, 2008

Be Conscious Masters of Our Destiny

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Today--Monday, Mar 28, 2008--is a day to ask ourselves. Why judge another? How can we ever know the full and real intent behind what an other says or does? It is also a day to realize free will allows every soul to plumb the depths of darkness or lift to the highest Heaven of light...and most of us have done most of what we see or condemn in another.

Free will also allows each and all of us to lift up back to our normal Heavenly heights--and Home--at our own sweet sovereign pace....Know and acknowledge the DIVINE light and love of Creator God Source in all our brothers and sisters on Earth.

Unless our thoughts, feeling and words uplift another, why think, feel or speak them? The time has come to be conscious Masters of our Destiny.... So be it.

Bless us all. I am Russ Michael
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