Thursday, March 27, 2008

A True Definition of Reality From a Stroke Victim

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Linda beloved,

We are all connected. THANKS, for following your prompting to send this to me and to others you know who will also find this of great interest and immense benefit. This note to you...along with this website URL will be published in my Russ Michael Blog today, with my urging that everyone highlight and copy it--and activate it in their own computer--and to take the less than 20 minutes to watch this awesome revelatory video. THIS is what the secret is all about!'

You asked for my input....I think it would be fabulous if every person on Earth could and would see, listen and respond to this awesome personal life experience. It would be the true use of television and our Internet. I recommend passing it on to everyone you meet, non-stop.

It took this dear doctor lady soul 8 years to recover FULLY from her STROKE...and to thus be able to coherently transmit this incredible knowledge. That knowledge alone be be of great inspiration to oujr brothers and sisters who have already suffered a sTroke.

It is no accident that individuals have near death experiences or strokes and come back into full re-embodiment to deliver these kind of messages. Most of the time, we who have had these kind of experiences are fulfilling a pre-birth contract we made with our Creator God, I am That I Am SOURCE. .

This is the kind of information that can help to awaken each and all of us on Earth with light speed. Bless her heart. Bless you for forwarding it to me and to those you care about and interact with in your own beautiful human life expression. We are all so receive and perceive this kind of direct, empirical "hands on" information, and from a human soul who came to serve humanity upon Earth. Bless us all. In humble JOY, I am, Russ Michael
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