Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Pieces of the Puzzle Need to Fit

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Today--Monday, April 17, 2008--

In a letter to Sonia, a reader of my book, "The Secret is No Secret Anymore" in Spanish, who wrote well in English, I said, "I cannot teach another in a few minutes what I have learned or realized over many decades, as we each must stretch, more and more, into our own great ABSOLUTE Truth of the One Reality."

i had sent a CC of my response to Pam Leach, Chief Editor for our Russ Michael BLOCKBUSTER Ebooks TEAM, and here was her interesting response to both Sonia and to myself...


"Well, Michael Russ ... that "you cannot teach another in a few minutes" is not entirely true as in the case of ME ... lol. There have been many, many instances of me taking a few minutes to understand what you meant by a particular sentence or paragraph in my role as editor (which in the case of you and several other lightworkers means translating to 3-D reality) that I have learned (relearned or remembered) immense amounts.

However, this is about Sonia. What is more important, in my experience, is that appears that Sonia has not yet received enough disparate pieces of information or pieces of the puzzle to make it complete. For me, I read, listen, learn ... but the true epiphany comes in the most unexpected ways--one sentence, phrase or even word--that supplies that last piece of the puzzle (the critical mass) that was needed to make all other pieces of information fit.

Many times I don't even know what I know until someone asks me a question. (Another unexpected way that an epiphany happens to me.) In fact, there have been several instances when I have been asked something that was addressed in a chapter just edited, or in that day's Heavenletter or whatever. When the question is asked, I know the answer!

You have Sonia good advise. Thoughts can't be changed--only redirected. Do you remember the book, Pollyanna? (One of my favorite childhood books.) The game she played to turn every negative into a positive--the find the good or the lesson. It works. And if I can do it (me who used to look for the gray cloud inside of each silver lining), anyone can.

Much love to you and love and light going out to Sonia as well.


All i well...

Bless us all. I am Michael
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