Friday, April 18, 2008

A TIP on The Art of Forgiveness

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Today--Friday, April 18, 2008--

Lady X asked me for advice on how to forgive both her husband and the lady that had a sexual tryst with him, and I replied:

Lady X,

You certainly need to let go of the past.

Here is a TIP.

Our UNIVERSE does not judge what is physically real and what is imagined. So simply take a moment of quite time alone, and imagine first, the ex lady friend of your husband, seat her in an imagined chair, be utterly sincere, and tell her you understand these things happen and you love the Goddess light within her and you totally forgive her, for the past is now gone and all is well in the Eternal Now.

KNOW this is as real as any other act in physicality can be....Give thanks for all your blessings...and the love you ARE AND EXPRESS to your dear husband or any and all you touch in life.

It is as simple as that.

Next, do the same with your husband, either in 3-d physicality, or in your imagination. FINALIZE IT, FOR YOUR HEALTH and well being, for the past is dead and gone--and only LOVE EXISTS IN REALITY, now or in any imagined future.

Be well and happy. Each day of humanly embodied life is a priceless gift. How are you spending it?

All is well.

Bless us all. I am Michael
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