Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There is No "Planet X"--Niburu--Danger

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Today--Wedsday, May 14, 2008--"All is Well Day" -You need to know dark forces are trying to convince heads of our Earth nations that a "Planet X"--Niburu--is coming and to prepare star war preparations--to keep it from causing great destruction and major loss of life on Earth.

Be assured, this is purely a LAST BIG ATTEMPT of the dark cabal to make everyone worldwide fearful, so they can TURN THINGS AROUND IN THEIR FAVOR AGAIN--but it is just a fictional FEAR STORY--AIMED TO FRIGHTEN EVERYONE ON EARTH--and to cause Lightworkers to lose their FOCUS--of the now soon SURE REMOVAL of the illegal USA government.

This soon legal change of USA regime, heralds a more and more imminent release of our each and all personal and national debts and the wonderful worldwide initiation of the ABUNDANCE PROGRAMS...and a quick clean up of our beloved planet Earth.

So ALL IS WELL ON EARTH this wonderful "All is Well Day!" I love you.
We are One. I am, Michael
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