Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Using Photon Energy to Create

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Today--Tuesday, May 13, 2008--I have named "Creativity Day."

Nevertheless, every day we create the reality we personally experience. In due time, after our Earth passage through the Photon Belt--we will almost everyone have instant manifestation of whatever we desire to experience.

Photon energy will be our known single source of all creative energy. The time has come for each and all of us to learn all we can about why and now this never-ending supply of photon energy works to power our own selves and any transporation or vehicles of any nature that we utilze.

We on Earth are already immersed in a powerful photon field - so TAKE A DEEP BREATH...and breathe healing photon energy into your body right now.

Let this day be a creatively fulfilling day fxor you, as well. So be it.

All is well. I am Michael

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